Cover analysis: The Walking Dead comic issue 170 ‘On The Road’

The Walking Dead issue 170 cover - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 170 cover - Image Comics and Skybound /

The cover for issue 170 of The Walking Dead comic book series Is quite interesting, but it is missing one essential character fans should be wondering about.

After losing a major character in issue 168 of the The Walking Dead comics, fans are starting to wonder just how bulletproof the major protagonist of the series actually is now that other characters are stepping into the spotlight.

In fact, those questions are becoming even more widespread after Image Comics and Skybound released what the cover of issue 170 will look like on The Walking Dead’s official website, and it is actually missing Rick Grimes and the preview doesn’t even mention him, Alexandria, or The Saviors.

Here is the cover of The Walking Dead issue 170 titled ‘On The Road’ which will be released on August 2, 2017:

The Walking Dead issue 170 cover - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 170 cover – Image Comics and Skybound /

Featured on the cover of the August issue is Siddiq, Eugene, Magna, and Michonne as they are walking down the road. While their destination is unknown, things get even more confusing by a cryptic description of the issue:

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"“Eugene’s journey begins on a hopeful note, but he could be leading his friends to a slaughter.”"

Interestingly enough, the title along with this group of characters walking down a literal road has led to speculation that Alexandria is beyond repair and the people of the community will need to find a new home.

That also could mean that their leader has fallen. Since Robert Kirkman has stated that Rick will die eventually and Mr. Grimes is in a very bad situation on the cover of issue 169, it could all add up to a very unique situation in the future of the comic book series.

But what is Eugene’s journey? Are they headed to the community he was talking with on the radio? Is Rick still alive, but sending 4 of his best men to scout their group before sending everyone?

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What do you make of the cover for issue 170 of The Walking Dead? Are they leaving Alexandria? Is Rick going to survive? And is Eugene going to spill the beans about the woman he was talking to on the radio? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.