Review: The Walking Dead comic issue 168 ‘The Road’s End’

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead 168, Image Comics and Skybound
Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead 168, Image Comics and Skybound /

Was issue 168 of The Walking Dead any good? Here are the positive and negative things from the June 7, 2017 installment titled ‘The Road’s End’.

Issue 168 of The Walking Dead was released on June 7, 2017 and followed up on the highly emotional previous issue by stepping back and taking a look at what has become of Alexandria after all the madness unleashed by The Whisperers.

But the big question, as always, is whether or not the issue was good. Sometimes, a few issues fail to meet the expectations of readers and other times they far exceed them. So what about ‘The Road’s End’? Well, we have a review for it!

Of course, it is HIGHLY recommended that you have read this issue before you continue with this review. If you haven’t, be sure to check out the RECAP OF EVENTS FROM 168 to get caught up before reading on.

***WARNING: Spoilers from TWD 168 below***

The biggest question heading into this issue of The Walking Dead was wondering how the rest of The Saviors would respond to the death of their new leader Sherry behind closed doors with Rick Grimes.

Negan and The Saviors – The Walking Dead 168, Image Comics and Skybound
Negan and The Saviors – The Walking Dead 168, Image Comics and Skybound /

Thankfully, that question was resolved, as Negan stepped in and took control of the situation and reminded the people from The Sanctuary just how life used to be before Rick liberated them. However, the dynamic between Rick, Dwight, and Negan continues to be a fascinating one that should keep developing as the issues go on.

Otherwise, this was an issue of mourning. For some, it was the loss of Andrea that was hard. Others felt anger over the death of Sherry. Mikey grieved over his mom. And Eugene felt guilty for Father Gabriel’s death.

Not tackled in this issue were the situations involving Siddiq learning about Eugene’s radio and trying to find out what is next for the people of The Hilltop, but it appears as though Alexandria is going to be repaired and continued to be used as a home for at least some survivors.

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The biggest positive in 168 was Negan. He stepped in and defused what could have been a horrible situation between Rick and John while Mark was used to show just how broken down some of the people of The Saviors are.

The biggest negative was that the issue was somewhat inconsistent. It went from periods of showing just wordless frames to ones packed with dialogue, especially when Negan showed up on the scene.

Overall, this was a solid transitional issue. There will likely be several more before something big happens again, as the comics have really been moving at a breakneck pace lately. It’s time to slow things down and build up to something new and awesome…and fans will just need to be patient to watch it all develop.

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What did you think of The Walking Dead issue 168 titled ‘The Road’s End’? Did it meet your expectations or did it fall short of what you were hoping it would be? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.i