Talking Dead guests for Fear The Walking Dead episode 304: ‘100’

Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead, AMC
Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead, AMC /

Which guests will be joining Chris Hardwick on the June 18, 2017 episode of Talking Dead to discuss Fear The Walking Dead episode 304 titled ‘100’?

Talking Dead is one of the best ways to unwind after a big episode of AMC’s zombie survival dramas. Recently, Fear The Walking Dead has been giving fans several intense moments that could use the healing touch of Chris Hardwick, and episode 304 looks to be no different.

To discuss the June 18, 2017 episode titled ‘100’, there will be some big guests on hand to offer their insight and opinions on what has been going on, what is currently happening, and what may happen in the future.

Here are the three guests who are scheduled to appear on Talking Dead as teased at the end of last week’s episode of the show:

Reuben Blades

With the return of Daniel Salazar last week, getting Blades on the show is a no-brainer. Left for dead after the events of the season 2 midseason finale, Daniel showed up last week to give Strand some water and try to figure out where his daughter is. Hopefully, he will be able to reunite with her, and Blades can offer his insight into the character’s efforts to do so.

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Drew Scott

One of the hosts of HGTV’s Property Brothers, Drew is a huge fan of AMC’s zombie survival dramas. While he and his brother Jonathan are known for taking ugly homes and making them beautiful, they are able to find the charm in the dirty and devastating world of walkers each week. He should offer some great fan insight into the show.

Surprise guest

Oh boy! Here we go again. This is either going to be a character making a huge change, a new character being introduced, an old character returning, or a death. Hopefully, this will be good news, as fans of the series have already endured a major loss during season 3.

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What do you think of these guests for the June 18, 2017 episode of Talking Dead? Will you be watching episode 304 of Fear The Walking Dead titled ‘100’? And who do you think the surprise guest will be? Give your opinions in the comments below.