5 fan questions about The Walking Dead answered for June 17, 2017

Carol's Kill List - The Walking Dead, AMC
Carol's Kill List - The Walking Dead, AMC /
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Carol's Kill List - The Walking Dead, AMC
Carol’s Kill List – The Walking Dead, AMC /

#5. Carol’s kill list

Misty Davis on Facebook asks: “My question is about Carol’s kill list from before the Savoir outpost…I know her Terminus kills were probably more that 3 in the courtyard which she has a ? beside of we are good there but why 4 for the candlewoman???”

So, let’s go down the list and discuss the ones that Carol has written down in her notebook:

  • R = Ryan Samuels (Lizzie and Mika’s dad)
  • K & D = Karen and David
  • L = Lizzie
  • 3 from Terminus exterior
  • 4 from inside Terminus (Candle woman included)
  • 7 members of The Wolves

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Those all seem pretty close, as her raid on Terminus seemed to take out about 7 and 7 seems like an appropriate number of The Wolves as well. Plus, she has owned up to Karen and David and killed Ryan out of mercy.

But what about the deaths that she forgot? She did kill others, but may not feel guilt for them. Here are a couple of names that could have been on the list:

  • Erin – In Alexandria after the attack by The Wolves, Carol ended Erin’s suffering with a knife to the head. This was not included on her list.
  • Owen – She didn’t know his name, but she may have just lumped him in with the rest of The Wolves since she didn’t know better.

The important thing is that Carol can clear her mind of what she believes she has done wrong and get back to a place of strength. She appears to have done that for now, but how long will it be before those feelings of guilt come back?

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Thanks to everyone who submitted a question this week. I look forward to answering 5 more questions about anything in The Walking Dead universe next week!  See you then!