Talking Dead guests for Fear The Walking Dead 305 on June 25, 2017

Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC
Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC /

Who will be on the couch for the June 25, 2017 episode of Talking Dead to discuss Fear The Walking Dead 305 ‘Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame’?

Recently, there has been a lot happening in season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead. Fans have been returning to the series after realizing the show has been putting together a string of excellent episodes, and that means Talking Dead has enjoyed more success as well.

The host of the show, Chris Hardwick, has been celebrating the return of the show and a major character while also having to mourn the loss of major player. Hardwick and three guests will be on hand Sunday to talk about episode 5 of season 3 titled ‘Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame’.

Here are the guests who are scheduled to be guests on the June 25, 2017 episode of Talking Dead according to the official Twitter account of the show and as announced at the end of last week’s episode:

Danay Garcia

She is known by fans for her role as Luciana, but Garcia was also in the hit TV series Prison Break as well as films such as Liz In September and Danika. This week could focus on Luciana’s recovery from being shot at the border and what her next move will be on the Broke Jaw Ranch.

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Sam Underwood

While much of the focus of the Otto family has been on Troy and Jeremiah, Underwood will be on hand to discuss his role as Jake Otto. There have been some teases of romance between him and Alicia…will this be the week something happens between the two?

Nicole Polizzi

It is always nice to have celebrity fans on the show to talk about how the show keeps them interested and how they feel about certain characters or angles. Better known as ‘Snooki’, Nicole made a name for herself as part of the show Jersey Shore and had a spinoff show with her friend JWOWW.

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Don’t miss a new episode of Talking Dead on June 25, 2017 to catch up on the events from Fear The Walking Dead episode 305. It should be both an educational and entertaining way to unwind after another episode of AMC’s zombie survival drama.