Undead Walking Fear TWD poll results: Where to seek shelter

Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) in Episode 3Photo by Michael Desmond/AMC Fear The Walking Dead
Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) in Episode 3Photo by Michael Desmond/AMC Fear The Walking Dead /

In a poll on the Undead Walking Twitter account, Fear the Walking Dead fans weighed in on the best place to seek shelter. The results might surprise you.

Fear the Walking Dead’s third season has been moving at a frenetic pace since the season premiere. This is the first time the show has moved so quickly, and it’s wonderful. With only two and a half seasons under its belt, we haven’t had much of an opportunity to settle down anywhere. When we asked Fear fans where they’d want to settle down, the results might surprise you.

Given a choice between Broke Jaw Ranch, the dam in Tijuana, the Rosarito resort, or the Abigail, fans were clear that they’d rather hole up on the Abigail and take their chances with the Infected swimming around in the water. And pirates. We do know that pirates like big shiny boats like the Abigail.

Here’s the voting breakdown:

As you can see, the resort and the dam are very close, and Broke Jaw Ranch came in last. This seems to go along with the results of our last poll about which member of the Otto family can be trusted. No one seems to trust the Otto family. 

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We have seen how groups tend to come along and take what other people have in the Fear the Walking Dead universe, so it’s not surprising that fans want to return to the Abigail. At least on the Abigail you have some semblance of security. Kind of.

What do you think of the poll results? Would you have voted for the Abigail, or would you have chosen another location?