Fear the Walking Dead S03E12 Preview: ‘Brother’s Keeper’

Fear the Walking Dead S03E12 Preview: 'Brother's Keeper' - Alicia Clark and Jake Otto - Photo Credit: AMC via Screencapped.net (Uploader: sayuri_x)
Fear the Walking Dead S03E12 Preview: 'Brother's Keeper' - Alicia Clark and Jake Otto - Photo Credit: AMC via Screencapped.net (Uploader: sayuri_x) /

Fear the Walking Dead’s once highly desired ranch is becoming more mirage than utopia. On the brink of revolt and chaos, we’ll see Troy return this week.

Fear the Walking Dead’s oasis in the middle of nowhere is experiencing a drought, drinking water scarcity creating natural anxiety and selfish competition. Rotten enough under normal circumstances. Combine a community already on edge being occupied by their previously sworn enemy and you have a recipe for utter disaster brewing.

Sure, under Nick’s leadership the community called a temporary unspoken truce and started digging for water out of desperate hope. What will happen when nothing is found or Troy returns to fuel the resistance? Conflict, clashes, and complete chaos… Just the way we love our Fear the Walking Dead!

Fear the Walking Dead S03E12: Brother’s Keeper Preview Trailer

“I killed a man and now I’m sleeping in his house… Maybe I’m as sick as he is”
– Nick Clark

Shooting the Otto family patriarch dead has forever changed Nick as he finds himself bewildered at what he’s become. Alicia busy with Jake considering abandoning the ranch for greener pastures. Madison, Walker, and Strand are due to arrive with the gift of good news… Yet, they might just not make it home fast enough and there’s no way to reach out. No texts, 1-800-collect, not even a beeper.

Just the perfect timeline for Nick to susceptible to a returning Troy’s influence.

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Troy’s Impact:
“There’s a reckoning at hand, it’s bigger than you can imagine” – Troy Otto to Nick

Troy’s return to the ranch will signal the end of Nick’s sole run at the throne of the community. Not to mention, it appears Troy was right all along. The community thought his last stand truly was a beacon of light in the darkness.

Either Nick takes a unified front with Troy co-leading what’s left of the original ranch members or he risks the truth coming out.

That he ended the life of Jeremiah Otto. His act majorly responsible in beginning the dual community living now despised by both sides. As Walker once told Strand last episode: “My people come first”.

There’s no Deanna style figure to remind Rick, ‘They’re all your people now’. Perhaps, everyone living together in perfect harmony is just a pipe dream as The Governor once believed on The Walking Dead.

Sneak Peak at tonight’s Fear the Walking Dead episode

“It’s not even a ranch anymore” – Jake Otto

Jake is having doubts about the future of the ranch, telling Alicia if his dad knew what this place would become he would have killed himself. Sounding confident there’s ‘other places just like this’, so why stay?

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Alicia doesn’t sound like she wants to make the trip. No enthusiasm. She’ll soon have to make a potentially life-altering decision for which path she chooses. Ala Luciana during Nick’s decision to stay on the ranch.

Ophelia tells Alicia in the trailer above she thinks Jake as a leader is weak… Will this be the key moment that defines Jake/Alicia’s relationship?