Norman Reedus part of Live Auction at Sotheby’s for Hurricane Relief

Norman Reedus part of Live Auction at Sotheby's for Hurricane Relief - Promo Photo Credit: bigbaldgalleryart Instagram (
Norman Reedus part of Live Auction at Sotheby's for Hurricane Relief - Promo Photo Credit: bigbaldgalleryart Instagram ( /

Norman Reedus is part of a Live Photography Auction at Sotheby’s @ 10am EDT today with proceeds going to Hurricane Relief charities!

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus will auction off two photographs over at the Sotheby’s International auction house in New York City @ 10am EDT. Reedus’ photos (Lots 84 and 85) will have proceeds generously going to a charity in support of Hurricane Relief. If you’re an avid photography art collector and would like to bid on items, simply email

Norman Reedus’ Sotheby’s Auction House Interview in New York City

Reedus was recently interviewed by Andrea Blanch, founder and Editor in Chief of Musée Magazine, at the Sotheby’s Auction House in New York. There were some cool facts revealed by Reedus at the auction house. Including how photography came to be one of the focal points in his life originally.

Its early beginnings intertwined with his acting career rising. Acting subtly elevating his photography work by rewarding access to never-before-scene locations and people. Indirectly making a lifelong passion for Photography possible for Reedus.

Norman Reedus’ on his first art interests and where interest in photography started:

“I was more doing sculptures with rock, wood, and metal and stuff like that in high school. As the acting work and the traveling started taking off more, that’s when photography seemed to fit together for me.

Norman Reedus on traveling and meeting fascinating people fueling his dedication to photography:

“I don’t have any downtime to be honest. Just the traveling Getting to see locations that I wouldn’t normally see and stuff like this. *points to photo* That’s in St. Petersburg, that’s a priest that I met. Seeing interesting people and interesting places. Documenting that stuff and spending time with these people”

Sotheby’s proudly announced they would be auctioning two of Reedus’ photographs on their inaugural Postwar and Contemporary Photographs auction.

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Photo Above: “A beautiful photograph he took in 2009 in Russia called ‘Sub-Basement of Maximum Security Prison in Moscow'”

Michele Romero Entertainment Weekly Senior Picture Editor

A desolate styled photograph that carries great weight and impact. Taking you on location, no travel required. Their expressions telling a lasting story without a single sound. Bleak and mysterious.

A cat roaming the floor noticeably taking your attention after the first two figures.

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Bid on Norman Reedus’ two photography pieces (Lots 84 and 85) or follow along with the action starting at 10am EDT at Sotheby’s Postwar and Contemporary Photographs Live Auction!