Kyra Sedgwick slapped costar Kick on Ten Days in the Valley, Kinney next?

Kyra Sedgwick slapped costar Kick on Ten Days in the Valley, Emily Kinney next? - Screenshot Photo Credit: Build Series New York City (
Kyra Sedgwick slapped costar Kick on Ten Days in the Valley, Emily Kinney next? - Screenshot Photo Credit: Build Series New York City ( /

Kyra Sedgwick legit slapped the daylights out of costar Kick Gurry on Ten Days in the Valley! Is Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney, who plays his girlfriend next?

Kyra Sedgwick was asked by costar Kick Gurry, who plays her ex-husband Pete on Ten Days in the Valley to slap him for real… And she delievered a wallop for the ages! Making Gurry see stars in the process. Since Walking Dead alumni Emily Kinney has a featured conflicting role dually playing Sedgwick’s assistant while sleeping with Pete on the show.

We must ponder then, is Kinney’s character Casey next? Sedgwick’s character Jane Sadler after all, is none the wiser to Casey’s debauchery and betrayal. So just how often does an acting scene go full-swing? We had a chance over at Build in New York City to investigate! The line that most stood to us, is Kyra Sedgwick loves keeping it real baby! – Nir Regev: Hey Kyra, on Sunday’s panel in Tribeca you talked about the tussle with your husband being one of your favorite scenes. And how you slapped him so hard, he saw stars! I was wondering if you we can expect you to do the same to Emily Kinney’s character Casey when Jane finds out. How often does a scene go full-force and gets real just to sell it for effect for the show?

Kyra Sedgwick: Oh my god! You know, I love it when it gets real! I think that’s the best way to go. Carl Franklin was the director of that episode, he did our pilot. He’s all about keeping it real and I love that about him. Also Kick, to his credit who plays my ex-husband on the show who I haul off and slap really hard! He said, “Slap me! Slap me for real!”, and I was like okay! We didn’t even run it by the stunt coordinators. So I just went vaboooooom! *slapping motion*

And oh my god, he said he saw stars! But I also said, can I swear? *smiles* I also said f*** you as I did it! And they had to beep it and of course they couldn’t use that for ABC… Sadly. *snaps fingers* But it was the best take for him so they just to like, take it out of my mouth and somehow rejigger the shot. So that you didn’t see me going f*** you. *laughs* It just came right out, I never say f*** you but I said it.

Anyway it was great, I loved it. So I hope we can keep it real, you know. I really hope we can keep it real. I mean that’s the kind of actor I am.

Ten Days in the Valley Impressions: Kyra Sedgwick and Emily Kinney

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We had an opportunity to catch the first two episodes of Ten Days in the Valley over at the Tribeca TV Festival. Let us be the first to say it was mesmerizing, old-school like a live mystery game of modern Clue.

Two hours felt like they passed in two minutes, Ten Days in the Valley just preys on the emotional need and curiosity to know who did it. Who did the kidnapping?

The plot centers around the disappearance of Jane Sadler’s (Kyra Sedgwick) daughter and everyone is a suspect. We witness the action from an unreliable but sympathetic, overworked screenwriter lead in Kyra Sedgwick.

A relatable single mother character, who’s slowly coming to terms with losing what’s most precious to her. No promise of ever getting her back, all the blame falling on her shoulders.

Emily Kinney ain’t Beth Greene anymore

Meanwhile Walking Dead’s alumni Emily Kinney plays a completely fresh role, contrasting from the relatively innocent farm girl we knew. No longer under Hershel’s wings, Kinney’s character Casey plans to leave her assistant role to Jane and runaway with her ex-husband.

She takes a likening to Jane and Pete’s daughter but mostly because it relates back to Pete. She maintains the status quo in front of Jane the way she once did in front of officer Dawn Lerner on The Walking Dead. Plotting behind the scenes.

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Ten Days in the Valley’s first two episodes are absolutely captivating and highly recommended to Walking Dead fans. If you love a good suspenseful mystery with an unreliable figures everywhere… This show’s hook is the remedy, latching on instantly.