Gale Anne Hurd NYCC Interview: Handling Multiple Shows, 100 Episodes

Gale Anne Hurd - 2017 New York Comic Con Lore Interview with Nir Regev: Handling Multiple Shows, 100 Episodes - Photo Credit - Nir Regev
Gale Anne Hurd - 2017 New York Comic Con Lore Interview with Nir Regev: Handling Multiple Shows, 100 Episodes - Photo Credit - Nir Regev /

Gale Anne Hurd was at New York Comic Con promoting her new TV series Lore for Amazon and we interviewed the champion multitasker!

Gale Anne Hurd is now the Executive Producer of Amazon’s new series Lore, Falling Water, Fear the Walking Dead, and of course The Walking Dead. Gale isn’t playing around folks, she’s one busy woman! That’s four, that’s right, four shows at once! Not to mention being the Consulting Producer for Talking Dead, the Executive Producer of new documentary Mankiller, and last year’s series Hunters. Simply astonishing.

All work and no sleep has not made her passion dull. In fact, Gale was thrilled and emotionally expressive discussing what the fans mean to her. We discussed how she’s able to handle so many high-octane big money projects at once, her lifetime achievement award at Fangoria, and a special message to UndeadWalking fans!

Fun Hairstyle Secret: We asked Gale off-camera how her hair is always so perfectly straight? Literally, every time we see her, it’s salon worthy. The secret? Her hairstylist’s patented Brazilian Blowout. Sorry Gale, the secret’s out! You’ll just have to deal with future copycats looking to get the Gale Anne Hurd hairstyle. 😉

Gale Anne Hurd Lore Interview at New York Comic Con – Nir Regev: Hey Gale! I’m with Undead Walking, which I know you’re a fan of.

Gale Anne Hurd: Oh fantastic! Yes, I retweet you a lot!

UD: I was wondering, how are you able to multi-task so many projects? You got The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, I remember Falling Water last year.

Gale Anne Hurd: It’s [Falling Water] still shooting right now in Toronto! For the second season.

UD: And now you got Lore too! So how do you do it? How are you such a great multitasker?

Gale Anne Hurd: I work with fantastic people in my company, Phillip Kobylanski who is here, was the lead on this [Amazon’s Lore] project… But I don’t sleep, I think that’s one criteria. Secondly, you surround yourself with a team of collaborators. So not only do we have Aaron Mahnke’s [Lore] podcast but Glen Morgan as the showrunner. We had two documentary producers Mark Mannucci and Jonathan Halperin, who brought the animation and vintage material to life.

UD: How did it feel to get a lifetime achievement award for Fangoria for your whole body of work? It must have been quite an honor. I mean you already had the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but still.

Gale Anne Hurd: You know, any award from fans means the most to me because without their support I wouldn’t be able to keep bringing new content to life. I’m a fan myself, that’s really why I do it. I’m a fan and I wanna make sure that the fans have new shows, new films to enjoy.

UD: Do you have anything you’d like to say to your Undead Walking fans?

Gale Anne Hurd: It’s gonna be a really exciting season coming up. Not only will our 100th episode be a milestone but the last two episodes of Fear the Walking Dead are pretty special too.

UD: Awesome, thank you very much!

Gale Anne Hurd: Thank you!

Amazon’s Lore starts on Friday the 13th!

Catch Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd’s Amazon series Lore starting October 13th, 2017 for all Amazon Prime subscribers! Discover Lore’s original podcasts by creator Aaron Mahnke on iTunes now!

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Lore creator Aaron Mahnke is narrating the episodes, serving as co-Executive producer and writing for the series.