Holland Roden and Brett-Patrick Jenkins talk Lore at NYCC interview

Holland Roden and Brett-Patrick Jenkins talk Amazon's Lore at New York Comic Con Interview with Nir Regev - Photo Credit: Nir Regev
Holland Roden and Brett-Patrick Jenkins talk Amazon's Lore at New York Comic Con Interview with Nir Regev - Photo Credit: Nir Regev /

We caught up with Lore’s Holland Roden and Brett-Patrick Jenkins at New York Comic Con to discuss the new show produced by Walking Dead’s Gale Anne Hurd!

Walking Dead’s Gale Anne Hurd is the executive producer of Amazon’s brand new series Lore and UndeadWalking.com had an opportunity to discuss the show with both cast and crew! We talked to actress Holland Roden [Teen Wolf] who plays Bridget Cleary on the series on the early days before acting became the center piece of her life. Fans don’t realize how close Roden was to a completely different life path.

We discussed Amazon’s streaming platform, binge watching’s impact, as well as the challenge of having all episodes available at once with Roden and executive producer Brett-Patrick Jenkins!

Holland Roden and Brett-Patrick Jenkins Interview at New York Comic Con ’17

UndeadWalking.com – Nir Regev: Hey, great to meet you!

Holland Roden: Hi!

UD: I read you were originally going to be a surgeon, is that true?

Holland Roden: *Laughs*. Yeah, I was a Science major in College, so I was a Molecular Biology major for three years.

UD: All girls school too?

Holland Roden: I did go to an all-girls school, most of my life from ages 5-16. I always liked telling stories, and putting plays on in my parent’s living room. I just didn’t think honestly that it was possible for me to be in this world because I come from Texas and world’s away from this world. But yeah, I came out to college with acting in mind and tried to do both. I got three out of the four years of the science major and then I switched majors.

UD: How excited are you guys to be on this show, this Amazon show? Pretty major!

Brett-Patrick Jenkins: I’m incredibly excited, most of all we got the star of Teen Wolf!

Holland Roden: Who’s your interview partner! *Laughs*

Brett-Patrick Jenkins: I think Lore is a television show for the modern age. You’ve got Aaron Mahnke who created a podcast in his basement, that’s now become the largest independent podcast in the world. You’ve got Gale Anne Hurd [Executive Producer], who’s one of my favorite producers of all time! She’s had such an incredible amount of success and unmistakable track record of hit-making with Terminator, Aliens, The Walking Dead, the list goes on and on.

Ben Silverman [Executive Producer], Howard T. Owens [Executive Producer], Glen Morgan [Executive Producer]… This is a dream team! So, I’m incredibly excited. Most of all because we got to work with Aaron Mahnke, I love that guy. I love his podcast, it’s why this whole thing is happening. He’s doing something special.

UD: That’s the most polished answer I think I’ve gotten!

Holland Roden: There you go. *Smiles*

UD: How do you feel about being on a digital platform as opposed to being on traditional TV? Do you think that limits or is that the wave of the future to be on Amazon as opposed to a major network for a show?

Holland Roden: I’m fangirling a little bit because Transparent is my favorite of television shows! So, the fact that I’m an actor that’s about to be on a streaming platform, I feel quite proud. I feel like I’ve graduated college and I’m in the real world. It’s just that feeling. I have not yet been part of the stage in television, so I’m actually quite excited that I can watch all the episodes at once… And I happen to be a part of it.

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Brett-Patrick Jenkins: I love Amazon! Where else could you watch a horror movie, then order like a camping chair? I love it! I love it! I’ll watch The Man in the High Castle, I’m a huge Philip K. Dick fan… But then half-way through it, I’ll be like, oh my god! I need dish-washing detergent. You know?

It’s a unique community that Jeff [Bezos] has built. The fact that they supported us to innovate and do something different, means the world! So, I’m incredibly proud to be at Amazon.

I think for me, my generation, I don’t think we care what platform it’s on. We just want to watch cool stuff. If we can watch it on the phone, great! If I have to watch it somewhere else, I’ll go find it too. I think there’s a place for streaming and a place for cable. Undoubtedly, Amazon is the present and the future.

UD: Are you guys binge watchers yourself like you mentioned Transparent? Or do you watch one episode a week kind of thing?

Holland Roden: Noooo, I’m a binge watcher. I mean, my work flows in the sense that I will work 3 months nonstop 16 hours a day, then I have 2 or 3 months off. And so, that is setting a very unhealthy routine of hours of TV watching. *Laughs*. And I actually have time to do it!

Brett-Patrick Jenkins: Yeah, I love binge watching! Who doesn’t? I think the fact that you can really kind of indulge yourself nowadays is great for both the creator and the viewer. To not have to pause for commercial breaks, it adjusts how you write a show. It adjusts how you direct a show, it adjusts in some ways how you perform.

So, it just allows us to do something new and different. You know, it’s like a friend of mine put together The OA, and I remember thinking I can watch every freaking episode! This is amazing! And I can go back and watch old shows, so I love it. I absolutely love it!

Holland Roden: I would say it’s even a challenge to the writers, to the directors, to the actors because if there is any slight difference or hole in your character development throughout a show… They [the audience] will notice! Because they just watched it 20 minutes ago, from the previous episode.

Where there was a little bit more leeway when you only got it once a week and it was off the air for five months. So, for me it’s a nice challenge to really set your character to make sure there’s a natural progression. An organic progression throughout the show.

UD: Awesome! Thanks guys!

Holland Roden & Brett-Patrick Jenkins: Thank you!

Amazon’s Lore Trailer

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