Seth Gilliam will be at Hollycon Tokyo’s Walking Dead Festival

Seth Gilliam will be at Hollycon Tokyo's Walking Dead Festival - Photo Promo Credit: Holly Con Tokyo / Hollywood Collector's Gallery (
Seth Gilliam will be at Hollycon Tokyo's Walking Dead Festival - Photo Promo Credit: Holly Con Tokyo / Hollywood Collector's Gallery ( /

Seth Gilliam will be part of Hollycon’s Walking Dead Festival in Japan this December 29 and December 30 along with to be announced guests!

The Walking Dead Festival is shaping up to be a special end of the year spectacle in Japan thanks to Hollycon Tokyo. Actor Seth Gilliam who plays Father Gabriel Stokes on the series has officially signed on and heading over to meet fans abroad.

Other Walking Dead cast members partaking in the festival are due to be announced with tickets slated to go on sale soon. We’ll update as more information becomes available. Tickets for the festival will be available at this link.

Walking Dead alumni Emily Kinney recently made her own Hollycon tour back in September. Kinney discussed the amazing experience in a Build Series NYC interview this month. We’re sure Seth Gilliam is going to make his own lifetime memories

The Walking Dead Festival will take place over at Belle Salle Akihabara 2F.

Dates: December 29 and December 30
Venue: Bersaar Akihabara 2F
Address: 3-12-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Sumitomo Realty Akihabara Building
Telephone #: 03-3254-5221

Hollycon Tokyo Breaks the Seth Gilliam news over on Twitter

Are you ready for Father Gabriel Stokes Japan Walking Dead fans?! The excitement will be a fever pitch, especially with Father Gabriel taking an even larger role this season. Being stuck with Negan and about a thousand walkers in season 8’s premiere episode.

Holly Con Tokyo has previously seen the likes of Josh McDermitt, Steven Yeun, Alanna Masterson, and Michael Cudlitz pop in for a visit in February!

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Seth Gilliam has a great time to look forward to in Tokyo, just look at those happy faces! A hero’s welcome will be waiting no matter what the outcome is in season 8.

Gilliam is currently set to make an appearance over at Walker Stalker Atlanta on October 27, 28, and 29. Stateside Gabriel fans will get a chance to meet the man early, maybe even get his feelings on the crucial decision of going back for Gregory!

A decision that will haunt Father Gabriel for some time this season, Negan his unlikely room mate.

Special Walking Dead Tottori Sand Exhibit

Japan loves its Walking Dead! In fact earlier this year they had their very own special sand exhibit at the Tottori Sand Dune Museum. Take a look at these amazing photos:

A look at what went into crafting the amazing sand sculpture:

The red carpet will roll out for Father Gabriel

We are certain actor Seth Gilliam will get a majestic grand welcome from his fans abroad at Hollycon Tokyo., will keep Japan fans and tourists alike updated when tickets officially go on sale.

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For now, we have a pretty good feeling where Japan’s Walking Dead fans will be spending the days before new year’s eve!