The Walking Dead season 8, episode 4 preview: ‘Some Guy’

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC /

The Walking Dead returns this week with the Saviors getting the upper hand on King Ezekiel and tensions rising between Morgan and Jesus.

How great did it feel to have something unpredictable happen from the side of the 100% pure-hearted ‘good guys’? Morgan having enough and fighting Jesus was the best inner group turmoil to happen on the show since Shane Walsh. The cliches and speeches are on their last treads this season. Time for someone to have an active difference of opinion.

It’s what the show’s needed for so long, someone from Rick’s group to actively turn and not into a walker… Sure, Morgan didn’t turn into a full blown villain and dissension has happened before. Morgan Vs Carol fighting over the Wolf’s fate comes to mind. Yet, this felt different. As if the viewers were Morgan fighting Jesus’ cliches themselves.

The Best Moment from Episode 3: Morgan Vs Jesus

It was effortless, exciting, and unexpected. Particularly as it’s Morgan, the former pacifist. Enough is enough when it comes to doing the ‘right thing’ all the time. Morgan’s right by the way.

Morales Hype ends way, way too early

All that hype, showrunner Scott Gimple talking about the past coming back in Morales. A monologue by Morales about how he’s Negan now and the past is the past. Rick mentioning loved characters from previous seasons [except Dale and T-Dog] for the first time in a while. All that buildup. For a single arrow from Daryl ending the whole occasion.

Felt reminiscent of the conversation between Troy and Madison on Fear the Walking Dead before the hammer. Why build-up at all, if it’s just another common Savior henchman? Morales was basically utilized as a figure for Daryl’s personal character development as being unforgiving. Instead of a potential character viewers can get invested in.

The Walking Dead S08E04: ‘Some Guy’ Preview Trailer

Last episode, King Ezekiel celebrated too early about not losing even one of their ranks. It was the calm before the storm as the Saviors ambushed the Kingdom group from high up. The Kingdom’s soldiers rushed to protect Ezekiel while taking hits themselves. It appears the feel-good speeches are coming to an end and Negan’s Saviors are about to see their first victory on the battlefield.

The Walking Dead S8E4: ‘Some Guy’ Sneak Peak

Carol is on her own again in the sneak peak. She appears a lot more nervous and unsure of herself than previous seasons. The line, “We may not even win” was a good look into Carol’s current state of mind. There’s a distinct look of uneasiness on Carol’s face that hasn’t been seen in some time. Many a season really. Lacking that unshakable Carol confidence we’ve come to know in the last few seasons.

Daryl’s Alexandria recruitment days are over

Last episode we saw a Savior surrender based on Rick’s promise of his word being bond. He gave Rick and Daryl the information they asked for and then was shot by Daryl. It looks like the recruitment post has been abandoned because Daryl isn’t giving chances anymore. Not after Dwight and Denise.

Gregory returns to the Hilltop

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Gregory returned to the Hilltop and convinced Maggie to let him through the walls by playing the coward. Good ole’ Greg also fibbed on his car just being out there and not knowing anything about Gabriel’s whereabouts.

It’ll be interesting to see on which side Gregory truly falls, knowing him… The winning side. He can lead the Saviors out of their current predicament in Hilltop for the goodwill of Negan. Or he can side with Maggie for now with the Saviors caught, take his chances.

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