Talked about scene from The Walking Dead 804 ‘Some Guy’

Shiva - The Walking Dead, AMC
Shiva - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Shiva, King Ezekiel, Carol, and Jerry were the focus of the most talked about scene from season 8 episode 4 of The Walking Dead titled ‘Some Guy’.

At the end of last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, things looked horrible for King Ezekiel and the people from The Kingdom as they tried to finish their assault on a few outposts of The Saviors during All-Out War.

Having not suffered a single loss to that point, Negan’s men opened fire on the group with a huge Browning gun, tearing through the survivors as they jumped to protect Ezekiel. The King was able to survive and escape with help from Carol and Jerry.

But it wasn’t over yet. Check out the most talked about scene from season 8 episode 4 as shared on the official YouTube channel of AMC in a video titled ‘Shiva Saves the Day’:

Unable to put weight on his leg due to a wound from the Browning gunfire, King Ezekiel had to be helped by Jerry and Carol back to safety.

On their travels, they came across a stream contaminated with some kind of toxic waste. The walkers were covered in it and quite a few of them had gathered in the basin, making it difficult to cross.

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The king was lowered into the basin but struggled to get out on the other side. Walkers were closing in when Carol and Jerry were getting him up on the ledge, and it looked like all three were in huge danger as they fought off the undead while Ezekiel renounced the throne and offered to stay and fight off the dead.

That’s when Shiva showed up on the scene! Leaping into action, she ate the head of one walker before turning her attention to the others. While the walkers are focused on Shiva, Jerry lifts Ezekiel out of the basin and to safety and joins him.

Shiva fought all she could before the walkers got the best of her. Surrounded, they tore into her body and started to devour her insides as King Ezekiel broke down as he watched it happen.

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Was Shiva sacrificing herself to save Ezekiel the biggest moment from season 8 episode 4 of The Walking Dead or would you have chosen a different scene? let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.