Undead Walking to talk The Walking Dead with BeaztModeNY on Nov 15

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BeaztModeNY promo art - The Walking Dead fan podcast /

BeaztModeNY has spoken with some interesting members of the cast and fandom of AMC’s The Walking Dead and Undead Walking will be there on November 15th.

BeaztModeNY is becoming one of the most entertaining and informative shows about The Walking Dead. Their in-depth discussion and excellent guests always bring a great number of fans to their live chats and have built them a great following.

Ryan and Chris have brought some great guests from AMC’s zombie survival drama programs to their weekly shows, including Jeremy Palko, Josh Turner, Seth Gilliam, Sabrina Gennarino, and others, and this week will feature someone from Undead Walking.

You can watch the episode of BeaztModeNY live and chat along on their YouTube channel or check out the archive of the episode after it is done airing. Here is the video, which will start at 7:30 pm ET:

That’s right! Site expert and Undead Walking founder Adam B. Carlson will be the guest on November 15, 2017 at 7:30 pm ET to talk about season 8 episode 4 of The Walking Dead titled ‘Some Guy’ with the hosts of the program.

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But just about everything having to do with Robert Kirkman’s zombie franchise as well as any other topic could come up, and since talk is interactive, your questions or comments could inspire a great conversation.

Here is how BeaztModeNY describes their ‘VCast’ on the show’s official website:

"Chris Valerius teamed up with his good friend Ryan Gallagher. All based on the love of ZPOC scenarios and of course the best show on television “The Walking Dead”. Everything they do is for fun and a good laugh and if they say something intelligent every now and then it’s bonus!"

For those unfamiliar with the term ‘ZPOC’, it is a term for the zombie apocalypse, which fans of Undead Walking and AMC’s undead dramas are likely big fans if they are checking out the show.

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Check out BeaztModeNY on November 15th to join the discussion about The Walking Dead. And while you’re there, be sure to show them your support by liking and subscribing to their amazing YouTube channel.