Boy Meets World actor Lee Norris appeared on The Walking Dead

Lee Norris as Todd - The Walking Dead, AMC
Lee Norris as Todd - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Lee Norris is recognized for being Minkus on Boy Meets World, but he appeared as a member of The Saviors during season 8 episodes 2 & 3 of The Walking Dead.

This may come to a shock to some fans of The Walking Dead, but there are a lot of other television shows out there to watch. Even though the popular AMC zombie survival drama has consumed the lives of many viewers, sometimes actors from other programs find their way into the apocalypse.

One great example of this happened in season 8 episode 2 and 3 titled ‘The Damned’ and ‘Monsters’. Among the members of The Saviors at an outpost was a familiar face to a popular 90’s sitcom and a more recent teen drama series.

With a character name of Todd, Lee Norris not only got to fight members of Alexandria’s army at an outpost but he also got a scene with Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon to close out the intense episode.

Lee Norris as Todd - The Walking Dead, AMC
Lee Norris as Todd – The Walking Dead, AMC /

On, Norris talked about how even though he is a big fan of The Walking Dead that the opportunity to be on the program hadn’t lined up for him until now.

"“I’m a huge fan of the show…I’ve watched it from the beginning. I’ve actually had the opportunity to audition a couple of times for a few different roles over the years. Unfortunately, nothing really came through there but I got an email from my agent one day asking if I’d be interested in this little arc for two episodes and I said, ‘Absolutely. How quickly can I get to Atlanta?’”"

Lee Norris as Todd - The Walking Dead, AMC
Lee Norris as Todd – The Walking Dead, AMC /

When Norris’ character was killed off, he had a quick death. A quick shot to the head by Daryl was all it took, but still made a big impact on not only the show but the actors themselves.

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"“I don’t think it gets much cooler than when Daryl takes you out,” he said. “Norman was actually telling me that I was one of the better kills this season in his opinion because of the dead-on shot to the head.”"

As far as being on the show itself, Lee Norris has seen a bit of a surge in popularity again. Being on a television show with huge ratings and a rabid fan base will do that to an actor and will hopefully help to bring more acting opportunities his way in the future.

"“I got awesome feedback,” Norris said. “People on the street have stopped me and been like, ‘It was so good seeing you again.’ I’ve been really lucky in my career to work on cool shows like Boy Meets World and One Tree Hill, so sort of always played these either like nerdy or kind of quintessential good guys and now I get to switch it up and do something a little bit different as a Savior on a show like The Walking Dead was fun.”"

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It was fun to see One Tree Hill and Boy Meets World actor Lee Norris during these two episodes of The Walking Dead. Which other actors would you like to see appear on the show? Let us know your picks in the comments section below.