The Walking Dead who died in episode 806 ‘The King, The Widow and Rick’

Siddiq (Avi Nash) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Siddiq (Avi Nash) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead spared fans any major deaths again this week but with the midseason finale just a couple of weeks away the death count will rise.

Once again there were no major deaths on The Walking Dead this week. The midseason finale is just a couple of weeks away however so fans could end up losing one or more beloved main characters just before the midseason break.

Earlier in the year, Andrew Lincoln warned fans that some big deaths were coming. Except for the loss of Shiva and Eric, there haven’t been any major losses yet this season. So it’s safe to assume some major deaths are on the way.

In episode 806 “The King, The Widow and Rick” the only named character deaths were the two saviors that Michonne and Rosita and Daryl killed. Zia and Leo had been out scavenging when Team Family attacked The Sanctuary. The two Saviors were rigging up a vehicle with giant speakers, presumably to try to lead some of the massive herd of walkers surrounding The Sanctuary away and rescue the people inside.

But their plans went awry. The noise led Michonne and Rosita to investigate. Rosita took out Leo with a direct RPG hit. And when Zia fled in the vehicle with the speakers Daryl showed up at exactly the right time to crush the vehicle with a garbage truck. Add two more deaths to The Saviors loss roster.

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Siddiq And Carl

Carl went looking for the stranger he saw earlier in the season and found him building walker traps. Siddiq and Carl bonded briefly over the idea of doing what’s right. Carl asked Siddiq the three questions to gain entrance to Alexandria.

Together they killed a small herd of walkers to honor Siddiq’s mother, who thought that killing walkers set free their human souls. Siddiq proved he’s a capable walker killer and Alexandria is going to need all the capable fighters they can get. So it looks like Carl made the right decision bringing Siddiq into the community.

The Battle For Alexandria Is Coming

Season 8 of The Walking Dead started out with the brutal assault on The Sanctuary. The Saviors and Negan have been pinned down inside The Sanctuary while Rick and the alliance members have been systematically killing off The Saviors at the outposts. It was a good plan.

But sooner or later Negan and The Saviors will find a way to clear The Sanctuary. And when they do they will launch their own full-on assault against Alexandria, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom. With only two episodes left before the midseason break, it’s safe to assume that The Saviors first major strike against Rick and Alexandria will come in the midseason finale.

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Unfortunately, that could mean that Rick’s alliance will be the ones taking the heavy losses in the midseason battle. Will all of the main characters make it out of the midseason finale this year? I’m predicting at least one major character loss now and possibly 2-3. Start preparing yourselves now TWDFamily – the battle for Alexandria is going to be a bloody one.