When does The Walking Dead return for the second half of season 8?

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When does The Walking Dead return for the second half of season 8? Here is when the midseason premiere (season 8 episode 9) of the show will air on AMC!

AMC just turned the world of The Walking Dead upside down following a huge episode for the season 8 midseason finale that left the entire future of the survivors up in the air and fans curious as to what is next for their favorite characters.

Following season 8 episode 8 titled ‘How It’s Gotta Be’, fans are subjected to the long midseason break where they will need to wait quite a while for another new episode of the popular zombie survival drama series

The good news is that we now have a date for when the program will return for episode 9 of season 8 to see what will come next for the survivors of the undead apocalypse:


That’s right, fans will need to be patient for the return of the The Walking Dead, but with there still being plenty to work out in All-Out War and so many other things to figure out, it should be an exciting second half of season 8.

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Sadly, unlike the break between seasons, there is no Fear The Walking Dead to help ease the transition and soften the time without AMC’s zombie shows when The Walking Dead is on midseason break.

That all means one thing for fans of the show: There will be a LOT of time to figure out what you want to happen next, what you think will happen next, and what you definitely don’t want to happen next to the survivors.

One thing is for certain. After the events of the midseason finale episode, the world of the zombie apocalypse will never be the same and fans of the show are left wondering just what other kinds of curveballs AMC has planned for the future.

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Don’t miss The Walking Dead when it returns for the second half of season 8 in on Sunday, February 25, 2018 to find out more about what will happen as the story unfolds and the shattering events from the midseason finale are dealt with as our favorite characters try to find their way once again.