Did Ofelia’s Fear The Walking Dead death soften Carl’s TWD exit?

Ofelia and Daniel Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Ofelia and Daniel Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

A surprise bite from a walker is rare on The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, but seeing it happen to major characters twice softened the blow.

While Fear The Walking Dead doesn’t have the massive following that AMC’s flagship zombie survival drama series has, there are still some things that were done very well by the companion program through three seasons.

One of the most shocking moments of the series came when it was revealed that Ofelia had been bitten by a walker while attempting to remove a corpse blocking the ventilation shaft at the pantry on Broke Jaw Ranch.

Watching her slowly succumb to the bite was a depressing process. Seeing her slowly moving toward an eventual death while her father makes his way to meet her was an intense moment, made even more difficult by her dying moments before he arrived.

If some of that sounds familiar, that’s because it should. Even if you don’t watch Fear The Walking Dead, people who have been watching season 8 of The Walking Dead saw something similar with Carl Grimes in season 8 episode 7.

Much like with Ofelia, Carl had a walker on top of him but it was an obscured bite while fighting off the undead with Siddiq that drastically shortened his lifespan. The good news is that Carl hadn’t been killed off in the midseason finale, but did reveal the bite to his father and loved ones, getting some closure there.

However, the question has to be asked if using a similar death for Ofelia may have sapped some of the power out of the big reveal moment for Carl in the season 8 midseason finale.

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While many fans thought that killing off Carl was an impossibility due to his role in the comics, there is a bit of an outcry about how the show is giving a character an exit and what the death could mean for future storylines.

The good news is that AMC doesn’t have to follow the comics. Much like Fear The Walking Dead, AMC’s flagship zombie drama can make some changes and hopefully pull off a similar storyline with just as much power, drama, and impact.

The bad news is that The Whisperers are one of the most intriguing groups of survivors from the comic book series and much of that plotline hinged on Carl’s evolution and need to do what is right for other survivors.

However, if the source material is tossed aside for now, The Walking Dead has a lot of options as to what they can do next. Unlike the situation with Ofelia on the companion series, Carl still has some time to make an impact on the story.

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Ofelia’s death was a huge shock, and revealing a bite in that manner is something that hadn’t been done in a long time on AMC’s zombie survival drama shows. Seeing a similar plot device used in The Walking Dead was an interesting choice, which should make fans wonder if the communication between the two shows should be better to avoid major similarities like this from happening.