Sabrina Gennarino stars in Lifetime film ‘Family of Lies’ tonight

Sabrina Gennarino stars in Lifetime film 'Family of Lies' tonight - Sabrina Gennarino - Photo Credit: Girls Gotta Eat Entertainment
Sabrina Gennarino stars in Lifetime film 'Family of Lies' tonight - Sabrina Gennarino - Photo Credit: Girls Gotta Eat Entertainment /

The Walking Dead’s Tamiel, actress Sabrina Gennarino stars in new Lifetime film ‘Family of Lies’ tonight as Heather McClure.

Walking Dead Scavenger fans, tune in to Lifetime tonight to see your favorite henchwoman Tamiel, actress Sabrina Gennarino in a whole new light. Gennarino stars as Heather McClure in Lifetime film ‘Family of Lies’ tonight at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. Central just in time for New Years Eve.

Family of Lies’ plot follows lead character Emily [Christa B. Allen] and her younger siblings moving to a small Louisiana town after their parents pass away in a car accident. After strange and mysterious events start occurring, the remaining family members get the impression they’re being watched somehow. The film has the tagline ‘Deadly Resolutions’ in its preview trailer, a sign of things to come?

Coincidentally, Gennarino spends half of her time over in New Orleans, Louisiana with her company Girls Gotta Eat Entertainment. Combine Gennarino’s Louisiana residency with her already mysterious role as Tamiel on The Walking Dead and there’s a natural fit. We can’t wait to see what her portrayal of character Heather McClure brings to the table.

Peyton Wich of Netflix’s Stranger Things will co-star as character Ethan and Mary Alice Risener of 2015’s Fox series Scream Queens stars as Lexi.

Family of Lies starring Sabrina Gennarino preview trailer

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You can see Gennarino giving a hug in the trailer for Family of Lies from 0:04 – 0:05. Then bizarre events start to happen, with the telling quote, “The past seems to have followed us”. We then see a care being set on fire with the slogan, “Ready or Not. Here Comes the Truth”.

It appears one of the characters, David [John Schneider] is held at gunpoint by McClure and someone else [Michael Papajohn]. Though it’s hard to tell from that vantage point if it’s indeed Gennarino, as her face is covered in the trailer…

Yet, the hair looks like an almost definitive sign! If true, it’ll mark the second time recently that Gennarino has played a character who ends up involved in a betrayal.

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Tamiel and the Scavengers first betrayed Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead last season, now Gennarino’s taking her talents over to Lifetime. The action and mayhem goes down tonight at 8 p.m. ET / 7 Central on Lifetime prior to New Year’s Eve 2018! Reign in the new year right, with mystery.