It Ends Now: The Walking Dead season 8B teaser video

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) - The Walking DeadPhoto by Gene Page/AMC
Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) - The Walking DeadPhoto by Gene Page/AMC /

Another trailer has been released for AMC’s The Walking Dead in order to get fans excited for the emotional midseason premiere on February 25, 2018.

The Walking Dead continues to crawl closer to the season 8 midseason premiere as fans get hungry for any more details they can get regarding the return of AMC’s zombie survival drama series.

Thankfully, loyal viewers of the show have already been treated to several photos from the upcoming episodes and a full-length trailer to get everyone excited for what is to come in the final 8 episodes.

Now, fans get another opportunity to take a peek at what is in store with the release of another teaser video titled ‘It Ends Now’. Check it out here as shared by BrandsEditVEVO on YouTube:

The teaser video opens with Alexandria burning after the assault by Negan and The Saviors in the midseason finale. Rick and Michonne are carrying Carl away from a burning house to an unknown location.

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Here are some other notable scenes from the teaser trailer:

  • Daryl is leading a group including Tara and Rosita.
  • Maggie marches toward the cell where her hostages are being held with Jerry and others in tow.
  • Enid is on the wall of The Kingdom warning Michonne that The Saviors are coming.
  • Negan has amassed his army at the gates of The Sanctuary.
  • Rick and Michonne make their way through a cargo shipping container.
  • Morgan is leading walkers toward or away from a location and fighting them in the later clip.
  • Eugene is making bullets in a factory.
  • Dwight is running in the woods.
  • Siddiq is with Daryl in the water by the woods.
  • Carol dives out of the way of some gunfire.
  • Gavin gets in the face of King Ezekiel.
  • Tara holds her gun to Dwight’s head.
  • Rick says ‘This is where you die!’
  • Michonne closes the gate on some walkers.
  • Rosita fights a walker in the water.
  • Simon meets up with The Scavengers.
  • Rick kneels at a grave.

Those are just some of the scenes from the trailer and many of them could be key turning points in a character’s development.

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What did you think of this teaser trailer for the second half of The Walking Dead season 8? Does it get you excited for the return of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.