Thorpe Park seeks walker actors for Year of The Walking Dead celebration

The Year of The Walking Dead promotional art - AMC and Thorpe Park
The Year of The Walking Dead promotional art - AMC and Thorpe Park /

Have you ever wanted to be a flesh-eating zombie like on AMC’s The Walking Dead? A celebration at Thorpe Park gives fans the opportunity be a walker actor!

Zombies are one of the terrifying monsters in the horror genre. Their relentless pursuit of the living combined with their unending hunger for human flesh make them a great centerpiece for stories like The Walking Dead.

The success of the zombie genre has built a massive fanbase for anything undead and the people of Thorpe Park Resort in Surrey, United Kingdom are hoping to draw in a crowd with a new celebration based on the horrifying monsters.

Check out the video teasing the announcement of Year of the Walking Dead on the official YouTube channel of Thorpe Park Resort:

If the idea of being at an amusement park with other fans of zombies as well as surrounded by walker actors appeals to you, there is an option to take things one step further and flip the script on the zombie experience.

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According to Digital Spy, interested parties can apply to be a walker actor at Thorpe Park for the Year of The Walking Dead as long as they can pass a test and show they have the knowledge and capability to perform the duties.

Prospective walker actors must also be available from Friday, March 23 and be able “to remain in character when faced with sudden screams from park-goers AND on top of a roller coaster 127 feet off the ground!”

However, the chance to be able to be a paid zombie actor and add that credit to your resume should be well worth the challenge of becoming a member of the undead horde at Thorpe Park.

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Interested parties should email and let them know of your desire to be a walker actor during the Year of the Walking Dead celebration. Otherwise, fans wanting to experience the event can buy tickets on the Thorpe Park website.