Is there room for comic character Lydia on The Walking Dead TV show?

Lydia and Carl Grimes - The Walking Dead comics - Skybound and Image Comics
Lydia and Carl Grimes - The Walking Dead comics - Skybound and Image Comics /

Lydia is an important part of The Walking Dead comic book series but is there room for her character to even appear on the hit AMC television show?

AMC’s The Walking Dead has done a great job over the course of 8 seasons in using the comic book as a guideline for creating a similar, yet unique experience for viewers of the popular television series.

However, readers of the comics are left with the head spinning after learning that an important piece of the TV show, Carl Grimes, is living on borrowed time and will not survive through to season 9.

This revelation has some huge implications for the future of the show. One of the most beautiful parts of the comic book series is how Carl was able to take in Lydia from The Whisperers and make her trust people again by opening his heart to her.

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This love story is a catalyst is creating drama between the groups of survivors and brings an almost Romeo and Juliet type of feeling to the comics since Alpha and The Whisperers wanted Lydia back and the people of Alexandria weren’t quite ready to open their arms wide to the new addition to their community.

Losing Carl and potentially skipping the entire plotline with The Whisperers would not only bypass one of the most intense, heartbreaking, and heartwarming plotlines in the comic but it would alter the path that many of these characters had to make them who they are at this point in the comics.

Skipping or delaying this plotline could mean that Lydia may not appear as she did in the comic book series or not appear at all. Considering her relationship with Carl is a storyline that is still ongoing in the comics and is now starting to involve Sophia a little more, it seems as though the entire scope of the show could change.

This may not be a horrible thing if AMC can create a situation as powerful and emotional to replace this plot on the television show, but it will be a huge challenge for the producers and cast to fill that gap.

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How do you feel about the possibility of Lydia being altered or eliminated from the AMC TV show considering her impact on The Walking Dead comic book series? And do you think the show can pull off a great story without her and The Whisperers? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.