Sneak peek video: The Walking Dead episode 809 ‘Honor’

Ezekiel (Khary Payton) - The Walking DeadPhoto by Gene Page/AMC
Ezekiel (Khary Payton) - The Walking DeadPhoto by Gene Page/AMC /

A sneak peek for the season 8 midseason premiere of The Walking Dead titled ‘Honor’ features a conversation between King Ezekiel and Gavin of The Saviors.

With less than a week to go before the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, fans are both excited for the return of AMC’s zombie survival drama series and worried about the future of their favorite characters.

Fans hungry for another look at what to expect from the episode titled ‘Honor’ are in for a treat since the sneak peek video has been released and it shows a scene that viewers should understand the context of.

Here is the sneak peek from season 8 episode 9 titled ‘Negan is Going to Kill You Now’ as shared on the YouTube channel of AMC:

Here is a full recap of everything that happens in the sneak peek for those who can’t watch the video due to region restrictions or have issues playing the clip:

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King Ezekiel is sitting next to a truck surrounded by The Saviors. Gavin tells him that Negan is going to kill him now, but the king stays silent and continues looking forward. Walking right up to Ezekiel’s face, Gavin repeats the statement adding that there is nothing he can do it stop it.

Gavin taps Ezekiel on the shoulder and asks if he hears him, finally getting a response. Ezekiel says he has buried his people for freedom and his death is of no consequence. Gavin disagrees, calling him an idiot.

In a strange moment, Gavin says that he liked Ezekiel. He was a good contributor and worked with everyone to keep the people of The Kingdom safe. He blames Rick for bringing Ezekiel and his people into the war.

Ezekiel says that he made a choice to join the fight and it is Gavin’s turn to make a choice as well. After that, the sneak peek comes to an end.

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What kind of decision do you think Gavin will make in the season 8 midseason premiere of The Walking Dead? And do you think Ezekiel will be able to work with Gavin or will the king be another victim of Negan?