The Walking Dead Red Machete Part 4: ‘What We Become’ [VIDEO]

The Walking Dead Red Machete logo - The Walking Dead, AMC
The Walking Dead Red Machete logo - The Walking Dead, AMC /

The fourth installment in The Walking Dead Red Machete has been released and will air during the season 8 midseason premiere episode on February 25, 2018.

Along with the return of season 8 of The Walking Dead on AMC, the interesting web series covering the history of the red-handled machete has been slowly being revealed over the course of the episodes.

On Sunday, February 25, 2018, the fourth installment of the series and the first in the second volume aired on AMC showing even more about where the weapon came from and whose hands it passed through.

Check out part 4 of The Walking Dead Red Machete titled ‘What We Become’ as hosted on the official YouTube channel of AMC:

The video kicks off by showing the posters teasing salvation for all who arrive at Terminus by following the railroad tracks. Joe and The Claimers are walking down a path when they spot the sign.

Using the machete, Joe points at the sign and shakes his head as the group continues to walk down the path as claimers follow his lead. Then, some growling from walkers is heard in the distance.

Joe signals for The Claimers to stop on the path. Looking down the hill, a survivor is fighting off walkers. Rather than helping him, the group watches as the walkers overtake the stranger and begin to devour him.

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The scene shifts to a cabin where The Claimers are seen beating someone down. Joe smokes a cigarette while his people can be seen in the background laying a severe and relentless beatdown on the man.

At a campsite, two individuals are attempting to rob the campsite of The Claimers while they think they are gone. However, several of them were in one tent and were alerted to their presence and the two survivors were subdued while Joe cut off the male intruder’s hand.

The video then switches to a comic book style approach, showing Carl, Rick, and several others in scenes where the machete was used, such as Rick biting Joe’s throat, Father Gabriel’s church, and the journey to Washington. However, the video reveals that the machete was taken by The Saviors when their weapons were confiscated.

Switching back to live action, The Saviors are distributing the weapons when a man chooses the red handled machete from a box of similar weapons.

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What did you think of this installment of The Walking Dead Red Machete? Did you enjoy how ‘What We Become’ covered so much time is one installment or switched from animation to live action? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.