The Whisperers will eventually come to AMC’s The Walking Dead

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Chief content officer Scott M. Gimple says that The Whisperers are coming to AMC’s The Walking Dead, but was not willing to give a time frame for the debut.

One of the most interesting sets of villains in The Walking Dead comic book universe is The Whisperers. The ruthless group of survivors who wear the skin of the undead to camouflage themselves set themselves apart from any other group of enemies in the comics.

So far, this group hasn’t made their debut on the popular AMC zombie drama. With the major changes being made to the show including the death of Carl and introduction of other groups of survivors, there was a question as to whether or not this group would be a part of the TV program at all.

However, good news can when TVLine revealed in their weekly Ask Ausiello column that The Whisperers are coming to television, but chief content officer Scott M. Gimple offered little else in terms of details about the group of villains.

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"“I couldn’t say that,” he replied. However, the villains, who wear walker skins to blend in with the zombies, are “absolutely on the menu. I just wouldn’t necessarily say for this season or even exactly when.”"

There have been plenty of times when people thought there were nods to The Whisperers or hints that the group is coming soon, but nothing has been confirmed by Gimple or any other member of the AMC crew.

Without giving too much away about the upcoming group or their impact on every group of survivors, viewers of the AMC show should be VERY concerned for the lives of their favorite characters once The Whisperers debut on the show.

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Although The Walking Dead is still in season 8 and All-Out War is in full swing, Negan and The Saviors, as well as the survivors from Alexandria, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom, haven’t seen anything like when The Whisperers will make their appearance on AMC.