The Walking Dead 815: 31 thoughts on Worth

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Simon (Steven Ogg) in The Walking Dead (2010) 815. Photo: Gene Page/AMC
Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Simon (Steven Ogg) in The Walking Dead (2010) 815. Photo: Gene Page/AMC /

In The Walking Dead 815 Negan reminded everyone that he isn’t someone to be messed with and everyone moved into place for the finale next week. Here are some thoughts about this episode.

The second last episode of The Walking Dead season 8 seemed a little scattered but delivered some powerful moments between Negan and Simon and Negan and Dwight as well as Rosita and Eugene.

The opening scene of Rick reading Carl’s letter was very poignant and a good reminder to all of us that even without Carl the fight goes on. The fight to restore some kind of civilization and some kind of life for the people who are left. I think Rick and Michonne will commit themselves to creating those opportunities for the survivors in Carl’s memory. And Maggie will do it for Glenn, who wanted the same thing. And for Hershel.

In that world where just surviving from day to day is a challenge the idea of building something more can get lost in the struggle. But ultimately life and death still has to mean something. Survival for the sake of survival doesn’t mean much. That’s why over and over the survivors band together to form communities, even if their allegiances change depending on who survives and who doesn’t.

But no community can thrive while there is constant conflict on all sides. All Out War has to end so that there can be a chance for the living to actually live in a meaningful way. And that means people are going to die. Here are some thoughts on the latest The Walking Dead episode, ‘Worth’:

  1. Way too soon for a Carl voiceover. Ow. The feels. All of them.
  2. Family. Love. Loyalty. This is what keeps us watching this show, even when it seems like a total dumpster fire.
  3. How is Gregory still alive?
  4. Maggie should get to kill Gregory Simon. She’s earned it. But as long as he dies I’ll allow it. You can kill him.
  5. I have secondary embarrassment for Gregory watching him to try to be tough.
  6. Aaron baby give up and go home. No one cares about Oceanside. Seriously.
  7. Sardine mac and cheese sounds incredibly revolting.
  8. Gabriel’s having another crisis of faith. Eugene is still terrible. Awesome character development there guys.
  9. Eugene talks like a hall monitor on a power trip.
  10. Dwight always looks like that kid in class who is hoping the teacher doesn’t call him.
  11. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Simon was responsible for the slaughter at Oceanside.
  12. I love how Negan refers to forcing Sherry to marry him and ironing Dwight’s face so casually. He acts like he borrowed a jacket and didn’t return it instead of physically maiming him in a horrifying way. What’s a little maiming between friends?
  13. Feral Daryl is the best Daryl.
  14. Rosita dropping truth. Go ahead and kill him!
  15. I bet Rosita smells worse than Daryl right now, and that’s saying something…
  16. “We need to talk”  NEVER ends well
  17. Oh Simon. You just sealed your death you charming psychopath.
  18. I hope you got your shittin’ pants on Simon.
  19. I want so much to hate Negan but I can’t. He is freaking mesmerizing.
  20. So smart of Negan to kill Simon like this. Reinforces his power and leadership to beat Simon in a fair fight in front of everyone.
  21. Negan has amazing self control but holy cow he’s terrifying when he lets go.
  22. Oh noes! Dwight is busted!
  23. It’s a trap! Rick it’s a trap! Honestly though Rick will suspect it’s a trap. He never fully trusted Dwight.
  24. Negan is cleaning house.
  25. Aaron fighting walkers in the woods never ends well. Ask Carl.
  26. Eugene needs to cry and die.
  27. Simon belongs on the fence.
  28. Michonne baby what  are you doing?
  29. Michonne risking her life to honor Carl’s wishes. Crying again.
  30. Negan looks genuinely sad about Carl.
  31. Negan is NOT. PLAYING. ANYMORE.

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While I still don’t think that Carl’s death was necessary it does make it a little easier to accept now that they are showing more of how his death will move the story forward. All Out War has been a long, intense and often sad arc and I’m very excited to see it end next week in The Walking Dead season 8 finale.