Talked About Scene from The Walking Dead 815: Truth Exposed

Austin Amelio as Dwight - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Austin Amelio as Dwight - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Just when we thought everything was going smoothly for Dwight on The Walking Dead, Negan turned the tables on him once again. Laura returned and exposed Dwight much to Negan’s delight.

Dwight couldn’t attempt to run out of his room fast enough when it was revealed that Laura was the mystery passenger Negan picked up on last night’s episode of The Walking Dead titled, ‘Worth’.

This was just one of several water cooler worthy topics taking place at The Sanctuary including Simon’s death and Father Gabriel’s intentional bullet making errors. Though the entire episode on it’s own could take the title of ‘Talked About Scene’; it was Dwight’s blown cover that brought everything to a screeching halt.

For a while Dwight’s objective was clear: defeat Negan. His betrayal of The Sanctuary would be Rick’s saving grace as Dwight provided the Alexandrians with notes and information like, “how to get to the outposts”, as Negan reminded with his signature grin.

Negan added to Dwight’s list of achievements, “You keep us locked in here slipping them workers guns,” all the while Dwight refrained from speaking. Head hung low, defeat weighing him down and to top it off he was already on Negan’s radar.

Check out the video of Laura exposing Dwight in front of Negan and The Saviors in this week’s Talked About Scene from The Walking Dead as shared on the official YouTube channel of AMC:

Things went from bad to worse when Negan revealed that the plan he fed Dwight and his small group of remaining ‘trusted’ Saviors was fake. Meaning the plans Dwight had given Gregory during Simon and Negan’s fight were going to lead Rick to a slaughter.

With Dwight’s ever-growing list you’d think Negan would kill him right? Nope.

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Dwight remains breathing for now. Negan respects him for his loyalty when Simon decided to gather ‘like minded people’ to join his cause.

Earlier in the episode, the small group met in a rather open area by fenced walkers where Simon openly expressed his intentions to kill his leader and friend. Dwight’s decision to turn on Simon was simple, “He’d win.”

He wasn’t wrong.

Negan had the numbers and always would as long as there were Saviors left to fight. Dwight’s objective to defeating Negan was ensuring he was able to survive long enough to end the war.

If Dwight is killed before Negan, any hope Rick and his people would have of winning would be over. They do not have anyone else on the inside to help them.

Losing Simon didn’t seem to trouble Negan for long, not while his eyes are on the prize. Unfortunate for Rick any attempts to end the war failed when Michonne read Carl’s letter to Negan through the walkie-talkie.

Both Rick and Negan are back to the basics of wanting to kill the other at all costs. With Carl’s last written requests being ignored and Eugene’s bullet making process in high gear; victory may not be achievable by either party.

Worst of all Dwight cannot warn Rick as shown in previews of the upcoming season finale wearing the letter A sweat suit Daryl once sported last season before his escape. What awaits Rick and the remaining factions of The Hilltop and The Kingdom?

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Will All Out War come to a violent end? Will Carl’s death be the only thing that will keep the peace between both leaders?

Everything is on the table and it’s winner takes all on the next and final episode of Season 8.