The Walking Dead 816 season finale synopsis: Wrath

Morgan (Lennie James) in The Walking Dead (2010) 816. Photo: Gene Page/AMC
Morgan (Lennie James) in The Walking Dead (2010) 816. Photo: Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead continues with season 8 episode 15, “Worth.” Here’s your synopsis of the season finale airing April 15, 2018.

We’ve reached the end of the road, folks. Season 8 is down to one final episode. The stakes are higher than ever and the story could go in a number of ways and no one is safe. And Morgan is leaving.

Rick is angry. Negan is angry. The title of the episode of “Wrath.” We are guaranteed some wrath in the season finale for sure.

Here’s the official synopsis of The Walking Dead “Wrath” from AMC:

“The communities join forces in the last stand against the Saviors as all-out war unfolds.” 

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Negan might be down two lieutenants after killing Simon and discovering Dwight’s deception, but he still has something of an upper hand. Dwight helped Gregory escape with a message about Negan’s plans, but Negan already knew his plans and gave Dwight false information knowing that it would get back to Rick.

Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel have joined together for this final stand against the Saviors. Though they don’t have a bullet maker, they do have tenacity and enough weapons for one big fight.

Speaking of bullet makers, though, Eugene is still at the Sanctuary manufacturing bullets. There’s still hope that he might turn against Negan by supplying him with defective bullets. And there’s also hope that Aaron returns with support from Oceanside.

All Out War is coming to an end, but who will make it out alive? Tune in Sunday to find out!

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The Walking Dead season 8 finale airs Sunday at 9pm on AMC, followed by the season 4 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead at 10pm and Talking Dead at 11pm.