The Walking Dead surprise guests help Morgan crossover to FearTWD

Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC /

The big Fear The Walking Dead crossover is here and some surprise guests showed up in the Fear The Walking Dead season 4 premiere to help Morgan crossover to the Fear world.

The Walking Dead finally wrapped up the All Out War storyline on Sunday night and Morgan Jones made the crossover to Fear The Walking Dead. And he had a little help from some of his friends on The Walking Dead to start his journey to Texas.

There’s been a lot of hype about the Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead crossover. A time jump on Fear The Walking Dead put the two shows on the same timeline so that Morgan was able to seamlessly go from one world to the other.

Morgan was struggling to hang onto his sanity after the death of Benjamin and the events that followed it during The Walking Dead season 8. So it’s not a huge surprise that he decided to go off on his own after the end of All Out War. He needs to try and fight the madness that has been haunting him and try to find a new life away from Rick and the others.

But he couldn’t leave before the end of All Out War. Although Morgan never wanted to have to kill again he knew that Rick and the others needed him in order to create some kind of safety so that they could rebuild the communities and try to create a real society where everyone could thrive. He stayed, and he helped Rick defeat Negan and The Saviors. Once the war was won a few of his friends showed him to help him in return.

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Morgan Says Goodbye

When Fear The Walking Dead season 4 kicks off Morgan has taken refuge at the trash heap. He wants to be left alone to try and deal with his demons. But his friends weren’t about to leave him alone. First Jesus comes to the trash heap to try and talk Morgan into staying. He tells Morgan that things will be different now and that they will be able to forge a new life for everyone. But Morgan doesn’t believe it.

Then Carol shows up to try and convince Morgan to come back to The Kingdom. Carol and Morgan have a very special bond because they have both gone down similar dark roads in the past. Morgan helped Carol break the grip of her fears and she wants to do the same for Morgan. Carol wants Morgan to find a reason to live again, like she has. But she doesn’t have any better luck than Jesus does.

And finally Rick comes to have a heart-to-heart talk with Morgan. Rick and Morgan have a long and poignant history and Rick knows what it cost Morgan to give up his “All life is precious” mentality and fight for the alliance. Although Rick tries to get Morgan to stay Morgan knows he has to go. And Rick, who understands Morgan so well, knows that Morgan has to go if he ever wants to calm the madness in his head.

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Morgan knows that his friends will never stop trying to bring him back into the Team Family fold. So he leaves to go out into the world and see if he can reinvent himself again. Then he meets John. And Morgan’s story on Fear The Walking Dead really begins.