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Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead - AMC
Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead - AMC /

The couch will be overflowing during Talking Dead to discuss season 4 episode 3 of Fear The Walking Dead titled ‘Good Out Here’ on April 29, 2018.

Fear The Walking Dead has been very impressive through the first two episode of season 4 and now that episode 403 is in the books, fans can look forward to getting analysis and entertainment from Talking Dead.

While viewers on AMC will once again have to wait until after Into The Badlands to get their dose of therapy from Chris Hardwick, fans can rest assured that the show will be jam-packed with guests to discuss the episode.

Here are the guests who are scheduled to be on the couch to talk about episode 403 titled ‘Good Out Here’ according to the official Facebook page of the show:

Danay Garcia

After disappearing in season 3 episode 5, Garcia’s character Luciana Galvez appeared in a dream sequence of Madison Clark during the season 3 finale and finally appeared in the season 4 premiere on Survival Sunday. Now she’s back, although the details of how she met up with the group and why she was willing to join again have not been revealed.

Andrew Chambliss & Ian Goldberg

Normally, two guests don’t get combined when announcing the people on the couch, but Chambliss and Goldberg are the showrunners tasked with helping to bring Fear The Walking Dead season 4 to the forefront on Sunday nights…and so far they are off to a hot start. Chambliss is known for his work on The Vampire Diaries, Dollhouse, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and Once Upon a Time. Meanwhile, Goldberg was a writer on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Flashforward, Once Upon a Time, and more!

Surprise Guest

As if the two showrunners and Garcia weren’t enough, fans will be treated to a surprise guest. As Chris Hardwick often says: this doesn’t mean a character will die during the episode. It could very well be a character who is introduced or an existing character who takes on a bigger role. Fans will have to wait to find out.

This Sunday, #FearTWD’s Showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg will be on #TalkingDead with Danay García and a surprise guest. What questions do you have for them? Let us know!

Posted by Talking Dead on Monday, April 23, 2018

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Will you stay tuned to watch Talking Dead after Into The Badlands to join the discussion about season 4 episode 3 titled ‘Good Out Here’? Let us know what you will be doing on Sunday, April 28, 2018!

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