Fear the Walking Dead 403 recap: Good Out Here

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Frank Dillane as Nick Clark, Kevin Zegers as Mel - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Frank Dillane as Nick Clark, Kevin Zegers as Mel - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC /

This week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead sees the group trying to work together for a common goal. Here’s your recap of “Good Our Here.”

Nick hacks away at the crops, putting them into a big pile and then watching it all burn. He studies the dirt and shakes his head. Everyone else is working the vegetable gardens, too, but he works alone.

We flash back to the present. Al asks if he’s going through something. She guesses he must be because he is suffering. Morgan tells her that they shouldn’t talk with the people who stole their van, but she persists. She says she’s trying to help and that they should be happy they’re all still breathing. They’re on the same team. Nick studies her, thinking, and then goes up to the front. Luciana is driving but Strand says they haven’t seen the turn off. Al says she didn’t give them the whole set of directions. She’s still bartering for their stories in exchange for information on the flags. Al tells him that she has been zip-tied several times before. She’s gotten free and she grabs Nick, who tells Luciana to keep driving. There are Infected on the road ahead, and after a tussle with Nick the van makes a sharp turn and drives off the road into a ditch.

Cue the credits. This week the scene is different again. There are purple-blue flowers growing in the foreground under a cloudy sky, with sun in the distance. A storm is moving through.

Nick wakes up after the accident and sees everyone in the van. He hit his head pretty hard but he sees the prisoners are loose and taking over. He can see an Infected near the open door.

Back at the ballpark, Nick looks out over the field when Madison walks up and asks how he is. She’s going on a run, she says, and he wants to come with her. He wants to help find food and sees it as his job.

Nick wakes up in the present to see that he’s outside the truck. John is helping Al get free of the dirt. Strand, Alicia and Luciana are tied up. Al says they need to tow the car out, and Luciana offers that there was a service yard a way back. Al wants to help, and she wants their stories. They can stick together or go their own way. Strand asks for an offer of good faith, so Al frees them all. She takes Nick and ties him to the truck to help ensure they come back. Morgan offers to stay with Nick since he’s still hurt. Al asks if he will be there when they get back, and he assures her he will unless something happens. John tells Morgan Nick is squirrely, and Morgan smiles. They all take off, and Nick tells Alicia to make sure Luciana comes back.

Nick watches Morgan reading. He asks what he’s reading, then he asks for some food from his bag. Morgan takes out a knife and cuts the zip ties, telling him to get food himself. Nick tries to attack but Morgan has his stick and isn’t worried about Nick at all. Nick looks impressed and intrigued. He grabs the food and asks Morgan if he likes peanut butter. He offers him half of it and Morgan smiles for the first time in a long time. Morgan asks his name and tells him he’s going to look at the road, warning him not to run. Nick watches as he walks away, then he grabs the book. Morgan is reading “The Art of Peace.”

Inside the truck, Nick finds Al’s camera and watches John and Morgan’s stories. He watches Morgan’s story and hears about his travels from Atlanta and Virginia.

On the road, Morgan practices with his stick and then he sees a car. He runs back down and closes the doors. The blue El Camino goes by and Nick sees it. He fights off Morgan and in the process gets the horn stuck. Nick runs to the road and chases the car while Morgan calls for Nick to give him his stick. But Nick isn’t listening.

The team of Al, John, Strand, Luciana and Alicia wander down the road killing Infected as they go. Luciana finds the truck and John says he’ll get it started and the others should look for gas. They work together, trying to get back.

Strand asks Al if their mission is one of benevolence. She wants them to clean up their mess, and she wants their stories. She says they don’t know how things will end, so their stories might matter some day. She notices his hand and asks why he tries to hide it, but Strand still wants answers. She says the truth matters, and that’s what she wants to trade. Luciana says they’re just words and Alicia says that she has no idea why Al is still alive, but Al says she thinks they do know how. Strand says he’ll consider her offer.

Nick continues his run but the car is long gone. He spots some blue flowers in the field and kneels by them. We return to the run he goes on with Madison. She drives out to the Vultures and Mel stops her. He greets her and wishes her luck. He says it’s pretty slim out there and he’s glad to see Nick on the run. Charlie hands Mel the book and Mel says to give it back to Luciana, stating that it’s not her type. She’s not into kids books. Nick asks Madison if Charlie ever would have come back with him. Madison says that she tries to find something good on every run she goes on, signs that people were trying to help each other. That’s what keeps her going on the runs.

Back in the present, Nick picks a flower and kills the Infected that surround him. They overpower him but Morgan is there to save the day. “Thanks,” Nick says. Morgan offers him his hand and tells him they need to find someplace safe.

Later, Nick and Morgan walk down a street. Nick knows they will wonder what happened when the rest of the group gets back. Morgan is confident they will be found. They wander into a town and Nick helps Morgan clear the street. “It’s clear now,” Morgan says, indicating that the building is safe. Nick wants to know why Morgan helped him. “I don’t kill,” he replies.

Nick and Madison arrive at a church, and Mel’s brother Ennis is already there. He greets Nick as “Turnip Man” and Charlie comes out. Ennis says Charlie has a knack for finding good supplies, noting that he’s the one who found her, and Ennis taunts Nick that he knows how to keep his family fed. Nick puts a knife to his throat, cutting him just enough. He and Madison leave as Charlie hurries over to Ennis.

Morgan puts a new bandage on his leg. Nick offers to help him, but Morgan imparts a lesson to him. What he does isn’t karate. It’s a skill. Nick offers to find a car so they can get back. Morgan wants to know about the El Camino, and he’s not trying to stop Nick from finding it. He tells Nick it won’t work out how he thinks. Nick suspects that Morgan killed people before. He watched the video about how Morgan loses people. Morgan gets up and tells Nick he can do whatever he wants.

The group arrives back at the SWAT van and discover that it is overrun by Infected. John finds an arrow showing where they went, and Al tells them to go while she saves her van. She’s not leaving. She says she will be fine. Alicia says they will help Al. John and Luciana will go find Morgan and Nick. It’s all about a leap of faith. Strand says they will help her and then they will go to the place with the flags. They’ll talk, she can drive. “Deal,” Alicia says. Al takes one look at the van surrounded by the dead.

Alicia goes down the hill to draw out the dead. Strand has her on a rope. She starts killing the dead while Al picks them off one by one with her gun. Alicia gets the winch under van and then gets inside. “Pull her up!” she shouts. Al smiles. The van moves.

Back in the town, Morgan limps along until he comes upon several silos. There is a noise inside one and a man walks out. It’s Ennis again. The El Camino is there, too. Ennis tells Morgan to keep walking. Morgan gets closer to the silo and then tells Ennis he should leave. Nick walks up and watches. He knows Nick is going to kill him. Ennis sees Nick, saying he didn’t think he’d ever see him again. Morgan stops him when Nick charges at him. Nick asks Morgan if he will do what it takes to stop him, but Morgan eventually lets him pass.

Nick tells him mom that Charlie saw him and didn’t come to him. Madison says he tried. Nick admits that this is why he likes being inside. Being out here makes him feel trapped. When he is in the park he feels control.

Back in the present, Nick rushes inside the silo and attacks Ennis.

Morgan hobbles along and sees a dead body in the distance.

Nick and Ennis fight, and they both get some good hits in.

Morgan turns around and goes back to the fight.

Nick manages to knock Ennis onto a deer hear, the antlers going right through him. He’s not dead yet, so Nick pushes him onto the antlers until he dies. 

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John spots the Infected that Morgan killed. He offers Luciana some candy. He admits he hasn’t been around people for a while, but he asks why Nick was so worried that she wasn’t coming back. She says that one time she didn’t come back. She left, she admits, but she still loved him. The group rides up in the van.

Morgan returns to the silo and finds Nick there. He’s bloody. Nick asks what Morgan wants. Morgan nods and tells Nick he lost his wife, his son and his friends. And then he lost himself. He knows where Nick was. He was there once, too, and didn’t know how to fix it or if he wanted it to be fixed. But then he met someone who helped focus his rage. He taught him that all life is precious, and that lesson stuck with him. Nick asks how that works. He shows Nick what he was reading. “Too late,” Nick says. “Believe me, it’s not,” Morgan says, offering him the book and offering to listen to him when they talk.

Soon, Nick is off reading when the van pulls up. Morgan greets them. Luciana wants to know where Nick is. They go off to find him. Al searches her van and finds that her tapes are intact. One box of them is labeled “The Bog 17-24.” She sighs in relief.

Nick puts the book in his pocket and pulls out the flowers he found. He stares at them. We return to his run with Madison and see Nick reading a map as she drives. She stops suddenly and they get out. There’s a field of bluebonnets, and she goes out into the middle of them. “Told you there was still good out here,” she says. He lies down in the field.

Back in the present, Nick stares at the flowers when a gunshot rings out. He looks down at his fingers and sees blood. He looks up. “Charlie!” he exclaims. She is standing there with a gun. She runs off and Luciana and Alicia run up.

Strand tries to stop the bleeding while Alicia tells him to hold on. Morgan watches helplessly. She’s sobbing as Nick suddenly stops moving. Alicia is shocked. Strand looks devastated and Luciana stares in disbelief. John and Al watch as their new companions mourn. Strand hugs Alicia as she realizes her brother is gone.

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We look back at the field as Nick closes his eyes, surrounded by bluebonnets.

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