Comic book recap: The Walking Dead issue 179 New World Order Part 5

The Walking Dead issue 179 - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 179 - Image Comics and Skybound /

What happened during issue 179 of The Walking Dead comics? Here is the full recap of ‘New World Order Part 5 of 6’ released on May 2, 2018.

The Walking Dead released issue 179 of their popular comic book series on May 2, 2018 when ‘New World Order Part 5 of 6’ hit comic shops everywhere and became available for digital readers.

Last month’s installment of the story ended with Sebastian nearly single-handedly destroying relations between the communities by hitting on Magna and making a bad situation worse. Now, the relationship between Alexandria and The Commonwealth is strained, but not unable to be repaired.


The issue opens with Michonne intent on finding out what Elodie meant by her comments about Sebastian and The Commonwealth. Elodie remained silent, but Sebastian was quick to say that his family is owed a lot of gratitude for what they do.

Mercer is unable to stay silent. He says that Pamela wouldn’t like him slapping citizens. Still upset, Sebastian slaps Mercer and then makes his exit from the scene. However, Sebastian says him leaving is best…and Mercer says that it is best for him that he does.

The Walking Dead issue 179 - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 179 – Image Comics and Skybound /

After Sebastian storms off, Mercer explains that Sebastian is annoying, but thankfully The Commonwealth is a huge place and you can go without seeing him for a long, long time. Michonne says that it still doesn’t make his actions right. And Mercer agrees.

Once inside their room, the survivors from Alexandria, Stephanie, and Elodie discuss the conversation that Siddiq walked in on where ‘blowing off steam’ was discussed. The two Commonwealth residents say peace is what works for them, and rocking the boat of the “upper class” doesn’t happen often.

Elodie explains that the class system in their community is based on their occupations before the downfall of civilization. Work assignments and privileges are based on your income from that career.

Annually, individuals can apply for a status promotion inside The Commonwealth. That standing is what makes people strive to be better and continues to work hard. Princess compares it to a video game where you need to defeat levels to advance.

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  • Magna erupts over the concept of a world with haves/have-nots. She says she’s seen enough of this and will not be returning to The Commonwealth. Michonne attempts to calm her down by agreeing that a class system is bad, but it’s their functioning method of government. Continuing, she adds that not everyone gets to live at the house at The Hilltop and some have to sleep in trailers.

    Feeling that Michonne is only okay with this system because she used to be a lawyer, Magna sits back down and says she is just waiting for her opportunity to leave.

    Now outside, Elodie tells Michonne about a community on a lake called Greenville where people live in boathouses. Stephanie says the quality guards in the community is low since the more well-trained soldiers are out fighting the undead and protecting the area, which relieves Princess since she kicked their butts earlier.

    Inside the bakery, Michonne gets a cupcake from Elodie. The daughter says every day you live is worth a cupcake. Meanwhile, Yumiko is eating some ice cream while Magna is still upset about Sebastian and the class system in The Commonwealth.

    The people from Alexandria, along with Stephanie and Elodie, are eating dinner at an upscale restaurant. Elodie says she doesn’t usually get to eat there and they are likely trying to impress their guests.

    After the meal, Stephanie invites Eugene to check out her apartment. She tries to hide that she is interested in him, but eventually lets down her guard and says it might be a little like that. Siddiq tells Stephanie that if he comes back to The Commonwealth, he will be interested in one of the construction jobs.

    Michonne cooked a meal for her daughter and they are enjoying it together. Elodie says she has something big planned for tomorrow…which is revealed to be a football game that everyone (including Magna) enjoys.

    The Walking Dead issue 179 - Image Comics and Skybound
    The Walking Dead issue 179 – Image Comics and Skybound /

    Lance meets with Michonne at the request of Pamela Milton. He says her group will be escorting Pamela and others to Alexandria to start formal negotiations with Rick and he requests that she not be part of that party, offering her a spot to stay in the community with Elodie.

    Pamela Milton appears ready for the trip looking like Indiana Jones. She’s told it will be a few minutes, and she takes that time to tell Sebastion to listen to Lance while she’s gone. Once again, Sebastian whines about the situation until his mom tells him to have fun with the girls in the community.

    She tells Sebastian that he has been frustrated after losing his father, but to keep on the right path. Sebastian says he knows greatness is in his future and he needs to start living up to his potential and kisses his mom on the cheek to say farewell.

    Michonne breaks the news to Eugene that she won’t be going back with them. He is a little surprised but understands she wants to stay with her daughter. She gives Eugene her sword, saying that gesture will tell Rick all she needs to know about the community and him leading a military force to Alexandria means he trusts them too as they go their separate ways.

    The Walking Dead issue 179 - Image Comics and Skybound
    The Walking Dead issue 179 – Image Comics and Skybound /

    A bit surprised that Stephanie didn’t come with, Siddiq asks Eugene about the situation and learns she had responsibilities she needed to tend to and that they would meet up again later to check out Alexandria. He congratulates Eugene on hitting it off with her, but is told that they are ‘just friends’…at least for now, especially since birth rates are so low.

    Princess is psyched about having options as to where to live. She is excited about seeing Alexandria and The Hilltop as well as meeting Rick. Passing through the city where she used to live, she says she might miss that place…just maybe.

    Pamela is sleeping in a tent while others sleep outside. Yumiko says she’s love a turn to sleep in the tent, but Magna tells her to quiet down.

    The trip back to Alexandria is taking longer than they remember due to soldiers being on foot rather than horseback. At a stop, Pamela talks to Mercer to find out what he learned about the survivors. He says Eugene is ‘build-a-car’ smart.

    The Walking Dead issue 179 - Image Comics and Skybound
    The Walking Dead issue 179 – Image Comics and Skybound /

    Pamela says the community is a dump from a distance, but Eugene and Magna ride ahead to give Rick a heads-up about their arrival and hope that they are as friendly as they seem to be as the issue comes to a close.

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