The Commonwealth sorts survivors by class in The Walking Dead comics

The Walking Dead issue 179 - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 179 - Image Comics and Skybound /

One of the secrets of The Commonwealth was revealed during issue 179 of The Walking Dead and makes fans wonder if Alexandria could adapt to their ways.

Surviving the zombie apocalypse is a massive challenge and rebuilding society has taken the hard work and dedication of many survivors working together to reach one common goal in The Walking Dead comics.

There are roles in the communities, like Earl the blacksmith, Eugene manufacturing ammunition, lookouts, cooks, laborers, and many others, but after their work is done they are not divided based on their income or status in the community.

That’s not the case in The Commonwealth. Readers learned in issue 179 of a class system that divides individuals based on their occupation before society fell and places them into settlements based on their worth.

Because Michonne was a lawyer, she was invited to stay with the upper class in the community while Eugene and others likely won’t meet the criteria to stay in this part of The Commonwealth with her.

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  • Elodie told Michonne about a segment of their population that lives on houseboats on a lake as well as there being other outliers where settlements have been made, but the question of whether or not Rick and Maggie’s people will want to adhere to these rules.

    There is a chance that Alexandria, The Hilltop, The Kingdom, and The Sanctuary will all become part of The Commonwealth as another branch of their massive population, but what if the survivors don’t want to change the way they live?

    How a survivor is valued shouldn’t be based on their previous income. Instead, it should be based on their contributions to the society. However, many of the wealthy people of The Community don’t know how to live any differently and likely couldn’t adjust to a world where people have to pull their own weight.

    The fact that Siddiq is already eyeing up a construction job is a bad sign for how he might be placed. Sure, he could work his way up and keep applying for status upgrades, but he is one of the hardest working and most reliable members of any community and doesn’t deserve to be treated like a lesser being than the people living under Pamela Milton.

    A class system will be dividing everyone, possibly separating survivors who have been traveling together for years. It will be interesting to see what Rick Grimes thinks of this system…and odds are that he won’t be a big fan of the implications it could have on the people he has worked so hard to protect.

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    What do you think of the revelation of how survivors are divided at The Commonwealth? And what do you think Rick will do when he learns of this practice in a future issue of The Walking Dead? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.