Predictions for The Walking Dead issue 180: New World Order Part 6 of 6

The Walking Dead issue 180 cover - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 180 cover - Image Comics and Skybound /

Pamela Milton and The Commonwealth are paying a visit to Rick Grimes in Alexandria in issue 180 of The Walking Dead comics…nothing could go wrong, right?

The final issue in the New World Order story arc of The Walking Dead comics will be released on June 6, 2018 and fans have to be curious what the survivors from The Commonwealth will think of Rick Grimes and the people of Alexandria during their visit.

Readers found out that Pamela Milton’s community was a pretty great place to live, but also hid some dark secrets that kept it from being a utopia. Now, the tables have turned and Rick’s way of living will be questioned.

While it’s difficult to guess what will happen in ‘New World Order Part 6 of 6’, here are five predictions for what will happen in issue 180 of The Walking Dead comics:

  1. Rick will be concerned about Michonne staying behind. While he will be very happy she has found her daughter, Rick will not like potentially losing one of his best fighters most loyal people in his community. But he will see it as an olive branch gesture between The Commonwealth and Alexandria.
  2. Pamela will not be impressed with Alexandria in the least. Let’s be honest. Alexandria looks like crap. It’s seen better days after walkers and The Whisperers did some major damage to the buildings, walls, and fences, but it’s not like they have a very organized structure to impress Pamela either.
  3. Princess will rub Rick the wrong way. There are plenty of reasons to like or dislike Princess. Her aggressive nature and no-holds-barred sense of humor can be off-putting. She won’t exactly make a great first impression on Rick, but she should grow on him as he learns more about her.
  4. Leaving Alexandria won’t be thought of. Rick won’t want to pack up and leave the community he’s fought so hard to protect. This means he’ll fight to make their community a camp working with The Commonwealth instead of being integrated.
  5. You are free to leave. Some survivors may want to leave Alexandria or other surrounding communities for the security and comforts of The Commonwealth. Rick will allow those who want to leave to do so, but there will be plenty of people who are loyal to Rick and will want to stay to help the community flourish.

It’ll be great to see The Commonwealth take some of the characters who don’t really potential storylines going forward and allow more focus to be on the core individuals while checking in on Pamela Milton’s community once in a while.

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What do you think will happen in issue 180 of The Walking Dead comics on June 6, 2018? And will there be a big cliffhanger in ‘New World Order Part 6 of 6’? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!