Enid set to have a bigger role during season 9 of The Walking Dead

Enid and Carl - The Walking Dead - AMC
Enid and Carl - The Walking Dead - AMC /

Fans hoping to see more of Enid during season 9 of The Walking Dead are in for a treat, as The Hilltop resident is set for a bigger role on the show.

During season 9 of The Walking Dead, many characters made massive developments in their characters and were seen quite often as All-Out War raged on between the survivors and The Saviors.

One character who kind of got lost in the shuffle was Enid. Despite being there for Maggie at The Hilltop, the only real featured time she got in the second half of season 8 was when she shot Natanya, the leader of Oceanside.

Those who enjoy the acting of Katelyn Nacon should be excited to know that Enid will have a more prominent role during season 9 of the popular AMC zombie survival drama series according to the fan mailbag on TheWalkingDead.com.

Check out the question from @SELEVOLUTION and the response below:

The Walking Dead replied:

"“You know what? Yes, Enid actually will have a bigger role in Season 9 after being mostly relegated to Oceanside and The Hilltop in Season 8.”"

If season 9 follows the story of Maggie’s displeasure with Rick’s decision to let Negan live, that could mean Enid will be in her corner. The two of them working together with a rebel force would make for an interesting storyline as they attempt to get revenge for the death of Glenn.

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However, she could also have a much different role going forward. Enid should shed the title of a babysitter and move more to the foreground of some fresh, new storylines, especially since Katelyn Nacon is a series regular.

On a show with such a strong cast, it can be difficult to have prominent roles in plots, but Nacon has done a great job of making an impact in the scenes she is in, including the character’s origin story of watching her parents die, her budding relationship with Carl, and fun interactions with Aaron.

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What kind of plotline would you like to see from Enid during season 9 of AMC’s The Walking Dead? Let us know what you want to see from Katelyn Nacon’s character going forward in the comments section below.