Madison’s whereabouts revealed soon on Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead; AMC; Kim Dickens as Madison Clark
Fear The Walking Dead; AMC; Kim Dickens as Madison Clark /

Fans have been left wondering about Madison during season 4 of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead, but the answer about her whereabouts will be revealed soon.

Broken down into a past and present timeline, Fear The Walking Dead has been carefully telling the story of the survivors as they fight against The Vultures both inside and outside of a baseball stadium during season 4.

One of the most interesting situations from the story is the absence of Madison in the present time. Her lack of appearance has many fans speculating and many thinking she may not have made it out of the diamond alive.

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait a lot longer to find out what happened with Madison and where she is. Twitter user Laurie Edgar asked The Walking Dead from Skybound a question about Madison that she hoped would be answered in the weekly mailbag.

Johnny O’Dell of the Skybound mailbag responded with a much more specific answer than many fans could have hoped for without giving away too much in terms of spoilers. Here is how he replied on the Skybound website for The Walking Dead:

"“The mystery surrounding Madison’s present day whereabouts will be mostly solved in the next two episodes”"

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  • The good news is that we will soon be learning where she is. Only two episodes stand between now and the season 4 midseason finale, so viewers will know a lot more then.

    The bad thing is that words like “whereabouts” and “mostly” aren’t the kind of thing that should give a lot of confidence that she is alive and well wherever she is.

    Perhaps the group lost the diamond to The Vultures and somehow persuaded Madison to join them and she is being held by them. Maybe she made a getaway or was able to hide to save her life. There is also the possibility that she is no longer alive.

    During a season where one of the main characters has already been killed off the show and several others haven’t made an appearance, losing another key part of the show could be very tough on fans. However, with fresh faces in John, Al, Morgan, and Naomi on the show, there is no lack of quality characters to continue the story.

    The hope at this point is that Madison is alive and well after escaping from whatever caused the other survivors to live on the road and threaten Al, John, and Morgan on the road. Either that or she has been watching and observing The Vultures in order to formulate a plan of attack to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

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    What do you think Madison is doing on Fear The Walking Dead? Is she alive or is the AMC show setting fans up for another shocking death? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.