Fear the Walking Dead 407 recap: The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now

Jenna Elfman as Naomi, Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie, Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
Jenna Elfman as Naomi, Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie, Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC /

After a week off, Fear the Walking Dead is back and we finally learn what happened to John Dorie. Here’s your recap of “The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now.”

We start off this week back in the past with John and “Laura” in a boat, playing Scrabble, and out fishing. It’s a flashback until John wakes up from being knocked out. Naomi tells him to stay with her, and he tells her that he got her note. Morgan runs up and helps her drag him out of the way of the gunfire since everything is falling apart. Morgan tells Naomi that he came here with John and that they’re friends, and she says that she’ll help him.

Meanwhile, Alicia, Strand and Luciana fight the Vultures and they actually get the Vultures on the run. Mel says they have to get out of there. He starts to leave and Naomi tells him she needs the field kit inside the ambulance. She runs after the van but then it explodes as Alicia shoots it. Alicia aims her gun at Naomi and says they took her in, but Naomi says this isn’t what she thinks. Luciana finds Charlie and almost shoots her but kills another Vulture instead. Morgan finds Al and says they need to leave, but Al says she isn’t part of the story. He convinces her that the story isn’t over and it doesn’t have to mean the end for John. Alicia finds Naomi and John as Al pulls up and aims the guns at Alicia, who surrenders. She glares at Al while Morgan loads up John. Before they leave Morgan goes to check on Charlie, who wants to see if Mel is okay. Mel is dead, he says. He tells her to get in so she doesn’t die.

Al asks where they’re going and Naomi says they need to go to the Stadium. Al tells her that the other group said the Stadium fell, and it did. But that’s why they have to go there.

Credits: The Infected cross the field under a bright dawn sky.

Back in the past Madison and Cole get water in buckets and Madison looks out to see the work on the field. The whole community is working to get the crops ready and Nick says the crops won’t be ready for a while but she thinks they have enough rations. She tells Nick she thinks they are better there. Suddenly there is a visitor. It’s Charlie. She tells Nick she needs help.

Morgan tells Al that John doesn’t have much time. Al promises to get him to the Stadium. Charlie knows that Morgan is Nick’s friend and she asks why he saved her when he knows what she did. He says this all has to stop. He goes back and looks at Naomi, who cradles John’s head in her lap. She’s talking to him, telling him to stay with her. He looks awful. She finds the tin with the Scrabble letters and takes a deep breath. Morgan looks away, but he says John has been looking for her and never gave up. Naomi says she was trying to protect him, but in the end she hurt him.

Al listens, and then she asks what happened. She wonders what Naomi did to them. Charlie says that what happened back there wasn’t Naomi’s fault, it was hers.

Back in the past the van pulls up to an accident scene. Mel is badly injured and Nick wants to know why she came to them for help. Charlie says they were fighting the other Vultures and got into the accident. She knows she lied before, but this is the truth. Madison decides to bring him back with them. Nick thinks it’s a trick and he reminds his mom that they have no idea what is happening. Madison points to Naomi and says she had a gun to her head but now she is an asset. They load him into the truck.

Alicia, Luciana and Strand search the Vultures’ cars and find one that works. Alicia knows that Naomi will be looking for supplies to help John. The Stadium is a possible destination. Alicia sees Mel crawling on the ground and goes to ask how long “she” was with them. He struggles to form words, but Alicia has no mercy. She kills him.

Naomi patches up Mel, who wakes up at the Stadium and finds that he’s locked up. Naomi tells him he is going to be okay, and then he asks about Charlie. Madison assures him that she’s fine. He says they aren’t safe there, and that Ennis pledged to make the Stadium fall if it doesn’t fall on its own. Madison doesn’t think there will be a problem taking on Ennis, but he says Ennis isn’t what they have to worry about.

Later, Strand says the tanks full of Infected are empty. The Vultures had a bunch of Infected locked up but they’re all gone now. Charlie isn’t sure that Ennie won’t be coming for them. Strand and Cole reveal the flags with numbers on them. There’s a possibility that thousands of Infected are coming their way.

Mel is coughing and he breaks free, but Naomi taps his broken ribs and locks him up again. Mel tries to get information from her and says that the Stadium isn’t safe. They’ll help Naomi stay alive, and Mel thinks she knows he’s telling the truth.

Madison watches the gates, deep in thought. She has a hammer in hand and soon she’s pulling off pieces of wood from the shed. She starts pulling the sides off of Naomi’s little house. Naomi finds her and Madison tells her she’s going to use the wood to reinforce the fences. She tells Madison that they should consider leaving. Madison won’t hear it because she built this spot for her kids. Naomi says that to protect them, she’ll have to disappoint them and leave the Stadium. Madison admits to thinking about leaving, but she eventually decided not to. Naomi thinks she should reconsider, and Madison wants to know what Mel told her and though Naomi says he didn’t say anything to her, she says that she has been on the wrong side of where Madison is now and it’s just not worth it.

Madison is still out reinforcing the walls, but she’s slowing down. Naomi’s words are coming back to her. She goes to find Mel, who is hunched over coughing. She tells him to go, thinking he’s there to scout for his friends. Charlie won’t be leaving with him, though. They go out to the gate and Madison intends to send him in the Land Rover. Strand tells her tha she didn’t give up on him, and they shouldn’t send him out there. Mel gets into the car and begs for Charlie to come with him. The walls won’t hold, he says. He doesn’t want her to live through the same situation that killed her parents. “No one’s gone until they’re gone,” Madison says. Mel drives off and they shut the gates. No one looks happy at Madison’s decision to send him out, so she tells them not to think about what he said about not being safe.

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Later, Nick tells his mother that she made a mistake. Madison insists that she’s only trying to protect Nick and Alicia. Nick confides that he wasn’t afraid out there, but he was afraid of being away from his mother. She always brings him back. He doesn’t think that what she did with Mel is what she intended.

Charlie can’t believe Mel is gone being hurt like that. Alicia says she put a walkie in the car and Charlie begs to see if he’s okay. Charlie calls to him and he grabs the walkie. She asks how he is, but he starts coughing and can’t talk. Luciana and Nick look away, knowing that he’s not going to make it. Charlie begs them to help him.

They’re still working to repair the fence outside when Alicia and Nick come up and say that they need them to take the wall down so they can go find Mel. Strand won’t stop them because Madison did the same for him. He tells Cole to take it all down, and the van rolls out. Strand radios to them that they can talk on channel 6 without Madison knowing. Alicia asks if this is the right thing to do, and Nick says she’ll come around.

Ennis and his people get ready to put their plan in action. They have the Infected loaded up in vans and they’re on the move. Have Infected, will travel.

Madison sits with her hammer and looks at the remains of the dugout. Naomi comes and Madison asks if she’s leaving. She apologizes for taking away her bedroom, and Naomi is more concerned about the showers. Madison says she forgot what it was like to see her kids looking at her like that. Naomi isn’t going to leave, but she also doesn’t think it’s safe. It looks like Madison is slowly starting to agree.

Nick spots the Land Rover and they pull over. He radios to Strand that they found him, and he tells them to hurry back. Nick and Alicia start to pull him out of the car when they hear the noise. It’s the trucks. They don’t see the cars on the road, but Nick and Alicia can see them. They’re going to the Stadium. Nick gets back in and she calls to Strand that they have a huge convoy on the way. He calls for Madison while they head back.

Madison doesn’t like that Strand let them leave. A lone van approaches. It’s an ice cream truck. It’s leaking gas. Soon the Land Rover arrives and they see the ice cream truck. Nick asks what is going on, and Alicia suspects that they want her to open the gate. It could be a trap. The trucks move in and take their positions. Luciana and Charlie run up and Madison reports that it’s happening.

Ennis calls his people, who start unloading the Infected. They pour forth from the vans, heading toward the Stadium. Madison still wants to open the gates for Nick and Alicia, but that’s when the ice cream truck ignites the gas, making a barrier. The Infected are already covered in oil from the tankers, so the fire will ignite them. Madison calls for the water truck and Strand and Luciana say they’re going with them.

Douglas doesn’t want to open the gate, but Cole says he has it. Alicia calls to her mom and says she’s sorry for trying to save Mel. They couldn’t let him die. This was the right thing to do. Madison steps up and sees the fire burning.

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Back in the present, the SWAT van rolls past the burnt out ice cream truck. Al stops briefly, but Naomi says that the infirmary will be stocked because Ennis didn’t want to go inside either. Morgan smiles and says he knows who she is. Al says he doesn’t know who she is because she’s a “chick with layers.” She drives inside, but they’re quickly surrounded.