The Walking Dead to offer blind bag comics for 15th anniversary

The Walking Dead blind bag variants - Skybound and Image Comics
The Walking Dead blind bag variants - Skybound and Image Comics /

Fans of The Walking Dead comics can own exclusive versions of the most popular issues of the series through blind bags for their 15th anniversary.

The Walking Dead has already announced a day to celebrate their 15th anniversary and a limited edition collection of comics that is the most comprehensive in the series history. And now, fans can own variants of some of the most popular issues in the history of the comics.

Skybound announced on their official website that there will be a blind bag variant of comics where you can get alternate versions and unique variations of landmark issues that featured debuts, deaths, or major milestones.

Check out all of the issues available for blind bag variants, which include many key moments from the popular comic book series:

  • Issue #1: The issue that started it all! First appearance of Rick Grimes.
  • Issue #2: First appearance of Carl, Lori, Glenn, Andrea, and more. Rick gets his iconic hatchet.
  • Issue #7: First appearance of Tyreese. Lori’s pregnancy revealed. First issue drawn by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.
  • Issue #19: First appearance of Michonne.
  • Issue #27: First appearance of The Governor and his group.
  • Issue #48: Death of Lori, Judith, Patricia, and more.
  • Issue #53: First appearance of Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene.
  • Issue #92: First appearance of Paul “Jesus” Monroe
  • Issue #98: First appearance of Dwight. Death of Abraham.
  • Issue #100: First appearance of Negan. Death of Glenn.
  • Issue #108: First appearance of Ezekiel and The Kingdom.
  • Issue #127: First appearance of Magna, Yumiko, Siddiq, and Annie.
  • Issue #138: First appearance of Alpha with The Whisperers.
  • Issue #167: Death of Andrea
  • Issue #171: First appearance of Princess

What the variants will be inside the blind bag are going to be a mystery. It appears as though each issue will have multiple variants that fans will want to collect, especially if some of them are exceedingly rare or unique.

"“You might find a colored version of the art, a sketch version, a virgin version (with no title) or something else entirely. We won’t be showing off any of this artwork until after the books are released so it’ll be a total surprise.”"

As the artwork itself that is included, it will be a bit of a surprise as well. Many talented individuals are lending their skills to the covers.

"“Each issue will feature new original art by iconic comics artists like by J. Scott Campbell, James Harren, Emma Rios, Declan Shalvey, and Sana Takeda, among other exciting to-be-announced artists.”"

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If you’re interested in these blind bag variants, be sure to reach out to your comic book retailer and make sure they pick up the issues, since they are likely to be in very high demand. The Diamond ID numbers for each issue of The Walking Dead can be found on the Skybound website to give your local comic shop.