The confusing status of Daniel Salazar in Fear The Walking Dead season 4

Daniel Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Daniel Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Daniel Salazar has a bit of a history of disappearing only to come back later on Fear The Walking Dead, but will we see the hardened survivor in season 4?

Fear The Walking Dead has teased fans quite a bit when it comes to Daniel Salazar. Whether it was a fake-out near-death or having him disappear for several episodes at a time, the grizzled survivor always seems to find a way back to the other survivors.

However, fans have yet to see Daniel during season 4 of the show. With the focus being on the new characters and the returning survivors attempting to settle down at the baseball stadium, there hasn’t been a lot of time to focus on what happened to Mr. Salazar.

Fans got some great news when Entertainment Weekly revealed that Daniel is still out there and will be returning to AMC’s zombie survival dramas, but some bad news came in the Skybound mailbag discussing everything to do with The Walking Dead.

Twitter user @carrieWUTWUT asked if viewers will be seeing Daniel during season 4 of the show…and the answer probably wasn’t what people wanted to hear.

"“Don’t hold your breath. However, Daniel not appearing in the back half of Season 4 doesn’t mean we’ll never see him again.”"

So, there will be no Daniel Salazar appearance in season 4, and that is kind of disappointing considering two of the major characters from the series were killed off during the first eight episodes of the season.

Plus, the vague wording of the Entertainment Weekly piece has to cast some doubt on whether Daniel will return to Fear The Walking Dead at all or if he will make the jump to the flagship series since they used the words “we definitely will be seeing Daniel Salazar in the Walking Dead universe.”

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Either way, it should be well worth the wait for fans who are hoping to see Daniel Salazar return to their televisions. And no matter which of the shows he appears on, he’s sure to make a big impact on the survivors around him.