Strung together, the Fear TWD title credits tell a story

As suspected, the Fear the Walking Dead title credits tell the story of the season when they are strung together in sequence.

When Fear the Walking Dead season 4 debuted there was an entirely new feel to the season, along with new cast members and new showrunners with a brand new vision for the series. There were also new opening credits for the series, and given that showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg also worked on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, fans wondered if the opening credits also told a story like they do on OUAT. As it happens, they do.

Back in April we explored the idea that the Fear the Walking Dead opening sequence told a story. The season 4 premiere episode featured a campfire scene, which also reflected what happened in the episode when we first met John Dorie.

The Walking Dead social media account posted the title credits from the first eight episodes of season 4 in sequence, and when viewed together they seem to paint a picture. Take a look:

Fans will also remember that there was a campfire in the mid-season finale, where the surviving characters gathered together after learning that they were tied together in more ways than they previously believed.

The title credits, then, seem to move from the night, through the day, into the dusk and finally back to nighttime. There could be many reasons for this, but the most striking possibility is that the title credits are symbolic of a life cycle, moving through birth, life and death. Over the course of season 4A we lost Nick and Madison, and the circle of life continues as the survivors forge ahead.

This is but one possibility of what the title credits could mean. The meaning is certainly open to interpretation. It will be interesting to see what the credits look like in the back half of season 4 when Fear the Walking Dead returns on August 12.