SDCC 2018: 5 things we want from the Fear The Walking Dead panel

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
Kim Dickens as Madison Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC /

It was recently announced that Fear The Walking Dead will be returning to SDCC this year and after a shocking 4A there are things fans need to know.

Fear The Walking Dead will be returning to San Diego Comic Con this year along with The Walking Dead. It’s been an exciting but tumultuous few months for both series and fans have a lot of questions. This year’s SDCC panel will be a first for some of the new Fear The Walking Dead cast but it will be interesting to hear their observations on the show and how the fans have embraced the new characters and the new direction that the story is going in.

Season 4 of Fear has been a soft reboot of the entire series and the new characters and overhaul of the storyline have invigorated the show. But this season wasn’t without tragedy. First the original character of Fear The Walking Dead Nick Clark was killed off because actor Frank Dillane asked to leave the show. Then, just when people were starting to accept the loss of Nick the matriarch of the Clark clan Madison Clark was killed off in the mid-season finale. Fans are still reeling from that loss.

But the killing of two of the original characters opens up a lot of potential storylines for the show. New characters John Dorie and June were immediately embraced by fans and Morgan Jones has had a successful crossover from The Walking Dead.

Althea, the other new character, has the potential to act as a bridge between the two shows with her videotapes providing a link to other characters in the greater Walking Dead universe. Hopefully, the panel at SDCC will address some questions about the future and what is on the way for the last remaining original character Alicia Clark and the characters who have joined her.  Just a few of the things I’d like to see at the upcoming SDCC Fear The Walking Dead panel are:

Closure For Madison’s Death

We’re owed an apology for the killing of Madison. Seriously. Killing two original characters in just 8 episodes was way too much for me to handle emotionally. But I also want to know from the writers a little more about the overarching vision they have for the show. Until this season one of the major complaints I had about the show was that it drifted. Badly. And it seemed to lack clarity and a cohesive direction. Season 4 has been focused and the story and character development, which has been captivating. I really want to believe that is going to continue.

Confirmation That Alicia Is The New Lead

Certain outlets made a big deal out of the order of names on a press release and declared that because Lennie James’ name was first on the press release that means he’s going to be the new lead. I don’t believe it. I’d like to see them confirm that OG Alicia Clark is the new series lead. The only possible person to replace the ferocity and cunning of Madison Clark is her daughter. And Alicia’s proven herself to be possibly even tougher than her mother. She needs to be the lead or else Madison’s death was pointless and she will have no legacy. And she deserves a legacy.

Daniel’s Whereabouts

Earlier this spring the Fear The Walking Dead showrunners confirmed that Daniel Salazar is alive. And it looks like he may have met Althea already since one of her tapes could possibly be Daniel’s. So where is Daniel? Will he join Alicia and the others in the present day timeline? Would he even join them? He never really had a close connection to anyone except Madison and now Madison’s gone. He might prefer to be on his own. We need answers about Daniel.

Who Else Is On Althea’s Tapes?

Althea’s tapes are a great Easter egg that seems to indicate that Al has run across characters from The Walking Dead as well as missing characters from Fear. It looks like she may have met up with Abe and Eugene as they traveled through Texas towards Virginia. Does that mean she has a Rosita tape too? Will we get a bittersweet Abe flashback? And how many other characters has Al met from both shows? The tapes are an ingenious way to weave the two worlds together but I want to know how many other characters might be showing up on her tapes and how many potential crossovers could happen.

Will John Dorie And June Get To Be Happy?

John Dorie has quickly become one of the most loved characters on Fear The Walking Dead and his relationship with Laura/Naomi/June was a much-needed respite from the tragedy on all sides that was happening in 4A. But after everything that these two have gone through to be together will they finally get to be happy? Considering that romances don’t usually end well or have a long shelf life in The Walking Dead universe I’m afraid for these two. I hope that the Fear panel at SDCC will reassure us that these two will get some happiness at last.

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