Season 2 of Robert Kirkman’s Outcast finally coming to North America

Patrick Fugit as Kyle Barnes - Outcast - Cinemax
Patrick Fugit as Kyle Barnes - Outcast - Cinemax /

Created by the originator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman’s Outcast has been on hold since the exciting conclusion of season 1 but the wait ends soon.

With the success of AMC’s zombie survival drama series The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman attempted to expand his profile by bringing an adaptation of the popular comic book series Outcast to Cinemax.

The ten episodes of the first season started on June 3, 2016 and ran through August 12, 2016 in North America, telling the story of Kyle Barnes as he deals with demonic possession happening around him in epic showdowns.

After that, things got quiet in North America. Following the conclusion of the show’s production, no date was given by Cinemax for when the show would return. However, fans in the U.K. got the entire 10 episode second season on FOX UK starting on April 3, 2017.

Fans in the United States, Canada, and Mexico were left wondering if the show would ever come to their regions. While many others took to streaming the show or finding alternative methods to watch it, viewers who have been patient will finally be rewarded soon.

Recently, the official website of Skybound announced that Outcast will finally be airing on Cinemax on Friday, July 20th, 2018, giving fans of the show starring Patrick Fugit, Philip Glenister, Wrenn Schmidt, and Reg E. Cathey a chance to watch the show’s second season.

Considering the large time gap between seasons, Cinemax has made the first season available on HBO Go and HBO Now to give fans a refresher according to Deadline, plus Cinemax itself will be airing the season 1 episodes.

From the opening scene of the show to the opening credits and character development, this is a show that can draw some great comparisons to The Walking Dead. While one show is about the undead and the other is about possession, both have a great source material and a wonderful cast to tell the stories.

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If you haven’t been watching to this point, now is a good time to check out the show to see if you like it, get caught up on episodes, or give yourself a refresher. Don’t miss Outcast when it finally comes to Cinemax in North America on Friday, July 20th, 2018.