The Walking Dead: Eleanor Matsuura to join cast as Yumiko

Eleanor Matsuura; IMDB
Eleanor Matsuura; IMDB /

The Walking Dead is going to get several new characters in season 9 including Yumiko who will be played by British actress Eleanor Matsuura.

Another Brit is joining The Walking Dead. According to CB Eleanor Matsuura has been cast to play Yumiko on The Walking Dead in season 9. Yumiko is an important character in The Walking Dead comic who arrives at Alexandria with a small group led by her girlfriend, Magna. There are four other survivors in the group: Ken, Connie, Kelly, and Luke. It was confirmed that actress Lauren Ridloff will be joining the show as Connie so more casting announcements for the rest of the new group led by Magna could be coming soon.

Fans of genre TV should be familiar with Eleanor Matsuura who has been a part of shows like Mi-5, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and AMC’s own Into The Badlands. In The Walking Dead comic Magna and her group become an integral part of the community in Alexandria. While the show is notorious for remixing characters and storylines from the comic so there is no guarantee that stories from the comic will make it into the show it’s safe to assume that the new survivors will stick around for awhile since Alexandria was decimated by All Out War and needs new people.

In the comic the coming of Magna, Yumiko, and the others coincided with the coming of The Whisperers so it will be interesting to see if The Whisperers will be making their first appearance in Season 9.

SDCC And The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer

More casting news may be announced throughout the week as SDCC 2018 gets closer. The Walking And Fear The Walking Dead will have their usual panels in Hall H although this year the panels will be moderated by Yvette Nicole Brown. Brown will also be hosting an upcoming The Walking Dead special in August.

Fans are anxiously awaiting The Walking Dead season 9 trailer which will air at SDCC for the first time. It will be the first look at the rebuilt communities and fans may get to glimpse of Maggie’s son, Hershel. The show will pick up again after a time jump where Maggie’s son has been born, the communities have been rebuilt, and life has settled into some kind of normalcy. But as we know in The Walking Dead world that kind of bucolic peace never lasts.

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