The Walking Dead has cast Alpha, the leader of The Whisperers

Samantha Morton, seen here in The Last Panthers, has been cast as Alpha on The Walking Dead
Samantha Morton, seen here in The Last Panthers, has been cast as Alpha on The Walking Dead /

Lots of casting news was announced at The Walking Dead San Diego Comic Con panel including the casting of Alpha, leader of The Whisperers.

At The Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic Con, it was not only confirmed that The Whisperers are coming but that the group’s leader, Alpha, has been cast. Oscar-nominated actress Samantha Morton will be taking on the role of the leader of The Whisperers, a group of survivors who wear the skins of walkers and whisper to communicate so that they can walk among the walkers without being killed.

Alpha has a major storyline in the comic and is considered on par with Negan in The Walking Dead spectrum of villains. But now that Andrew Lincoln has announced he is leaving the show will Maggie face off with Alpha instead of Rick Grimes? The new era of The Walking Dead is going to be intriguing.

Morton was nominated for an Oscar twice for the films Sweet And Lowdown and In America. Samantha Morton also played Agatha in Minority Report. There has been a lot of speculation about who would end up being cast in the role of Alpha because Alpha is such an iconic character in the series. Morton is an exciting choice and it will be very interesting to see her interpretation of Alpha and how she embodies the character.

Confirmation of the casting was shared on Skybound’s official Twitter account for The Walking Dead.

No word yet on the casting of Beta, Alpha’s second in command who also has a major storyline once The Whisperers appear on the scene.

Other Casting News

There are many other survivors that are joining the show in season 9 too. It was confirmed that comedienne Brett Butler will be joining the show as a character called Tammy Rose. Her character will be married to Earl, a blacksmith. In the comics, the blacksmith at the Hilltop turns out to be a key figure so it’s possible that Tammy Rose and Earl will end up being significant characters at The Hilltop. Zach McGowan, who many fans know from his roles on The 100 and Black Sails, will play a Savior that isn’t too happy with the current living situation between the communities.

Now that Alpha’s been cast it remains to be seen if The Whisperers will show up in season 9. Maybe Alpha and Rick Grimes will get to cross paths after all. It’s also possible that Alpha could be involved in whatever storyline the writers come up with that will allow Andrew Lincoln to exit the show.

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Season 9 of The Walking Dead starts on October 7th and it’s going to be a very exciting season from the look of it.