Will a character take the reigns from Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead season 9 - AMC
The Walking Dead season 9 - AMC /

As Rick Grimes is set to depart in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, will another character take his place once he is gone?

The Walking Dead season 9 trailer debuted on Friday at San Diego Comic-Con and simultaneously Andrew Lincoln also confirmed at the show’s panel that this will be his last season playing Rick Grimes on the show. Now there is a lot of speculation as to which character might fulfill Rick’s boots when he is gone.

The season 9 trailer was jam-packed with a lot of new characters, and recent news has surfaced that Samantha Morton will be playing Alpha, the leader of the mysterious group called The Whisperers.

In the comics, both Carl and Rick play a huge role in The Whisperers arc. However, with Carl no longer being apart of the show, and with Rick Grimes set to leave the show at some point this season, the question is will Rick encounter Alpha during this season?

While the trailer didn’t show any hints of Rick possibly encountering the strange group of survivors, there is speculation that maybe another character will be the one to come face to face with Alpha herself.

Showrunner Angela Kang said season 9 will heavily focus on the women taking the lead this season. In the season 9 trailer, Michonne and Rick are both seen working together to help rebuild communities and trying to figure out how to make the world a better place for everyone.

Since Rick and Michonne have tackled so much together, it could be very possible that Michonne will step up to take Rick’s place when he is gone.

Michonne is strong, determined, and knows where Rick’s heart lies in making the world a better place. She would be a great leader for the group, and would definitely put Alpha in her place! However, this is all just speculation. Season 9 looks like The Walking Dead will definitely be getting a new beginning.

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Do you have any theories on what will happen in season 9 of The Walking Dead? And who do you think is best suited to take over for Rick Grimes? Leave a comment down below!