Woken Matt Hardy wears Terminus Steakhouse T-shirt in new Tweet

Terminus - The Walking Dead - AMC
Terminus - The Walking Dead - AMC /

Woken Matt Hardy is once again referencing The Walking Dead on Twitter, this time with a uniquely styled Terminus Steakhouse T-Shirt.

Matt Hardy is clearly a massive fan of The Walking Dead, posting up a photo of himself wearing a “TERMINUS STEAKHOUSE: WE’D LOVE TO HAVE YOU FOR DINNER” T-Shirt on Twitter. For those who first tuned in to The Walking Dead post-Negan, Terminus was a settlement the group arrived in back during season 4 and 5 of the series. They fell for the promise of safe haven only to find a group of cannibals led by Gareth (Andrew J. West).

Their leader would later dine on Bob’s leg (Sasha’s boyfriend at the time), before Rick Grimes’ group would rain vengeance down. Giving Father Gabriel cause for an attempt to betray the group later over in Alexandria to Deanna . Hence, the Terminus Steakhouse references Gareth’s group objective.

Back in Matt Hardy’s ‘Broken’ Impact Wrestling/Ring of Honor days, he referenced Negan’s Sanctuary in a tweet, “Another strong soldier has chosen to return to Negan MeekMahan’s Sanctuary. The outside communities most stand together in this #GreatWar,” when discussing Kassius Ohno’s (Chris Hero) WWE signing. Obviously, comparing Negan to Mr. McMahon in the metaphor, which ironically he ended up going back to WWE’s sanctuary eventually too. Does that mean Matt is technically the Dwight of the WWE?

If Matt were to be Dwight, would he lead an indy rebellion only to be thwarted by Negan’s McMahon when he’s one step ahead and sends the whole plan spiraling down with a Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns squash? Or does being ‘Woken’ as opposed to ‘Broken’ mean forgetting leaving WWE’s Sanctuary in the first place? Enjoying that great sandwich (stable excellent contract) as Dwight once did during the “Easy Street” chapter (season 7, episode 3) so-to-speak.

Did Impact Wrestling’s talent pool post-WWE raid make it Alexandria after Negan’s Saviors demolished the place? Clearly, the lure of Sanctuary brought in EC3 and Bobby Lashley. Many indy talents from around the globe might find WWE’s Sanctuary steady paycheck to be a better life than moving from place to place.

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Woken Matt Hardy seems to draw great inspiration from The Walking Dead, perhaps an homage/tribute storyline will happen someday?