The Walking Dead: The Final Season official full-length trailer

Clementine - The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Telltale Games and Skybound
Clementine - The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Telltale Games and Skybound /

The trailer for The Walking Dead: The Final Season has arrived and fans curious for a taste of what is in store for Clementine can get a peek at the game.

The time has nearly arrived. Fans have been both looking forward to and dreading the fourth full-game installment in The Walking Dead series from Telltale Games and that date is now right around the corner.

Releasing on August 14th, the first episode from The Final Season will be available with additional episodes coming at a later date as part of downloadable content on PC, Xbox One, or PS4. Also, those wanting to wait for the entire game will likely get a full physical release in the future.

Check out the official trailer for Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: The Final Season as shared on the YouTube channel of Skybound:

It appears as though fans will need to relive many of the decisions they have made in the past, including those involving Lee. Still, those decisions were important in making Clementine the character she evolved into since her debut.

But in the present time during the game, it seems as though Clem has found a new survivor and group to stay with. Plus, A.J. looks old enough to start protecting himself when needed, and he was actually given a weapon to protect himself and was shown to know how to handle a revolver.

The group is a boarding school where many young people live in safety. One character even refers to it as ‘our little kingdom’ which is a fun nod.

Any time the words “You’re safe now” are heard in a game like this, it can be believed that it is far from the truth. In fact, the undead will be a major threat in the game, unlike previous installments which typically pit the survivors against a group of people with bad intentions.

The final words of the trailer being “say goodbye” are ominous enough. While this is expected to be the last game starring Clementine, there is a chance the series as a whole can continue. However, with a trailer as powerful as this one, it would make sense for this to be the series finale as well.

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What did you think of the official trailer for The Walking Dead: The Final Season from Telltale Games? Are you excited to see what is next for Clementine? And would you keep playing the series if Clem doesn’t survive? Let us know what you think in the comments section below,