5 predictions for issue 186 of The Walking Dead comics: The Powder Keg

Negan on the variant cover of The Walking Dead 186 - Image Comics and Skybound
Negan on the variant cover of The Walking Dead 186 - Image Comics and Skybound /

What is going to happen in issue 186 of The Walking Dead comics? Here are five predictions for the December 2018 issue titled The Powder Keg.

With things on edge at The Commonwealth and Rick learning that things aren’t as great in the community as he was led to believe, The Walking Dead comics are at a point where a tiny thing could have explosive results.

Thus, the issue title of “The Powder Keg” is hugely appropriate. But is this the installment of series where the incident finally happens to tear the upper-class settlement apart or will it continue to set things up for a fiery situation?

Here are five predictions for what will happen in the issue scheduled to be released on Wednesday, Dec. 5 based only on what has happened to this point in the comics and the preview panels.

  1. Sophia finds her man…sort of. In a case of “good enough for now,” Sophia takes a shining to Joshua. But it’s not just because he’s a single guy around her age, it is because she wants to rub her new “relationship” in the face of Carl and make him jealous. The drama!
  2. Rick is as conflicted as ever. After telling off Dwight and getting a wake-up call from Mercer, Rick is going to need to decide if he needs to take some kind of action much sooner than expected in order to free some of the people living horribly at The Commonwealth.
  3. Michonne gets a little selfish. Knowing The Commonwealth is very fragile, Michonne needs to put some thought into her conversations with Rick. She can’t push things too fast because she just reunited with her daughter and wants to ensure they are safe and free…even considering leaving the community.
  4. C’mon Ride the Train. Eugene and his new lover Stephanie return to The Commonwealth where they report about the train they have found and how it could be key in reaching out to other communities or simplifying trade between the existing ones, adding what supplies they need to make it work.
  5. Dwight is released. After being yelled at by Rick, Dwight gets released by The Commonwealth. He gets a lot timider after his scorning but his blood is still boiling over in anger. Although his mind is racing with ideas, he doesn’t speak any of them in this issue.

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What do you think will happen in issue 186 of The Walking Dead comics when it is released on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018? And Do you think any of these predictions are anywhere accurate? Let us know in the comments!