Robert Kirkman teasing The Walking Dead comic readers about Negan

Negan - The Walking Dead comics - Image Comics and Skybound
Negan - The Walking Dead comics - Image Comics and Skybound /

When will fans of The Walking Dead comics see Negan again? If Robert Kirkman’s teases are an indication, the former leader of The Saviors may never return.

Back in issue 174 of The Walking Dead comic books, fans saw Negan struggle to deal with his past and be spared by Maggie in an intense issue titled “A Solitary Life” which was released in Dec. 2017.

This month marks one year since Negan made his last appearance in the comics and fans have been writing in to ask Robert Kirkman and Sean Mackiewicz when they will see the former leader of The Saviors again in the Letter Hacks section.

In fact, issue 168 titled “The Powder Keg” featured the Bill Sienkiewicz variant cover featuring Negan, which made people had several questions about the future of the popular character and those questions didn’t exactly get answered.

On three occasions in the Letter Hacks, Robert Kirkman messed with fans, pretending not to know who Negan was while Sean was a little more open to at least recognizing that the character is still possibly alive and may return.

In fact, Tom McElroy from Austin, Texas wrote in to ask of Negan could possibly be a spinoff character to be featured in his own comic or miniseries since he’s such a popular character in the comics.

While neither Sean or Robert would comment on any possibility of Negan making a return or getting his own book, readers of the Letter Hacks know to take many of the answers as entertainment value unless the responses are serious in nature.

It is most likely that Negan just doesn’t fit in well with the storyline currently happening at The Commonwealth and including him would be sudden and confusing to include in a logical way. His absence will make his return even stronger when or if it does happen.

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Considering how popular Negan is and the potential this “new” version of Negan could have going forward, it seems inevitable that he will be back in some capacity in the future. But how long that will remain a big question which fans of The Walking Dead comic will have to wait for an answer to.

You can pick up comic issue 186 on Comixology to read the Letter Hacks or pick up the Negan variant cover at a comic book store near you.